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The Edit List
Outlaw Star - ep. 1-5

by Kyle Pope,

I) Outlaw World

This wasn't easy. For "minimal editing" they really went wild.

1. Gene's "hell"changed to "heck"

2. OP gone (of course)

3. Pirate fighter pilot's "damn" changed to "blast"

4. Again, see above.

5. Small edit of Gene and Jim playing cards in the bar.

6. Dialogue changed so Gene and Jim are playing Go Fish instead of Poker (Baka, baaka)

7. Scene of Gene throwing down his Poker hand before the fight cut.

8. Jim's "damn" changed to "darn".

9. Death Rob's "killed 30 men" changed to "taken 30 men".

10. Blood matted out when Gene shoots Death Rob.

11. Scene of Gene shooting death Rob in the head cut.

12. Scene of Death Rob spitting up blood when Gene knifes him cut.

13. Scene of Gene fondling Iris' butt cut. Jim's dialogue altered accordingly.

14. Jim's "hit the casino" changed to "hit the club".

15. Scene of Gene and Jim's sexual banter before splitting up cut.

16. Jim's "scumbag" changed to "loser".

17. Scene of Gene in hotel room with hooker cut completely.

18. Gene's girly poster over his bed now has a digital bathing suit.

19. Blood matted out of street fight between Gene and the pirates.

20. Pirate's "damn" changed to "blast".

21. Jim's "hell" changed to "heck".

22. Gene's "asshole" changed to "loser".

23. Pirate girl's "they've been killed" changed to "they're destroyed".

24. Scene of Hilda putting her gun to Gene's chest and firing cut.

25. Small cut from Gene putting his gun to Hilda's head cut.

26. Melfina wearing digital leotard in trunk.

27. Gene's "naked girl" changed to "weird girl" in preview.

28. Not an edit... They actually used the original full length ED. I wouldn't have thought that song would be compatible with Toonami's image.

If this is only the first episode then old Fred Luo is in a lot of trouble.

II) Star of Desire

There are some really stupid cuts here. And a lot of them.

1. Still of Gene carousing in a bar in the prologue cut.

2. Gene's "hell" changed to "heck".

3. Jim's "hell" changed to "heck".

4. Melfina in a digital bikini again.

5. Gene's observation that Melfina was in cold sleep cut.

6. Scene of Hilda dropping her damaged arm shortened.

7. Hilda's "if you're gonna shoot" changed to "if you're gonna do it".

8. Jim's "don't trust her one damn bit" changed to "don't trust her at all".

9. Gene's "hell" changed to "heck".

10. Again. See above.

11. Jim's observation that he was the brains of the outfit cut.

12. Gene's "shit" changed to "oh, man".

13. Again. See above.

14. Pirate Girl's "kill everyone but Melfina" changed to "blast everyone but Melfina".

15. Jim's observation that Melfina's state of dress was "kinda distracting" cut.

16. Gene's "shit" once again changed to "oh, man".

17. Tao Master's "damn you, Hilda" changed to "blast you, Hilda".

18. Jim's "you're damn right" changed to "you bet".

19. Jim's "space cherry" changed to "space rookie". (You knew that would go)

20. Blood removed from Gene's dad.

21. Jim's proclamation that Gene's space cherry was officially popped cut.

22. Hilda's "damn" changed to "darn".

23. Jim's "gun" changed to "blaster". (Now this is flat out moronic. You can't say the word "gun" anymore?)

24. Swanzo's "stray" changed to "blast". (Equally moronic. Except for his Caster Gene uses good, old-fashioned firearms that fire bullets. He even said so during the fight on Sentinel III.)

25. Swanzo's "go to heaven" changed to "go to nowhere".

26. Swanzo's "right to go on livin'" changed to "right to be around".

27. Swanzo's "damn" changed to "blast".

28. Ctarl Ctarl stripper dancing on the pole cut from bar scene.

29. Hilda's "McCoy, you bastard" changed to "McCoy, you loser".

30. McCoy's "damn you" changed to "blast you".

31. Scene where Jim learns Gene and Hilda are sleeping in the same room cut.

32. Scene of Jim and Melfina in the hotel room discussing sleeping arrangements cut.

33. Hilda's "damn fools" changed to "those fools".

34. Hilda's "gun" changed to "blaster".

35. Gene's "gun" changed to "blaster".

36. Gene's "lost my space cherry" changed to "not a space rookie" in preview.

Clearly sex and sexual innuendo are a problem for Toonami. I'm surprised they left in the attack scene confirming that Gene and Hilda were sleeping in the same bed. And their state of dress indicates they probably weren't sleeping. Gundam Wing must have been a breeze to edit compared to this show. All they had there was violence.

III) Into Burning Space

The editing was comparatively light this time around.

Taking a suggestion offered by a previous poster, I won't be noting every single substitution of an expletive. Suffice it to say that if you hear "heck", "darn", "blast", etc, a stronger word was originally used.

1. Scene of Gene loading the paint cartridges into his "blaster" cut.

2. Scene of thug clutching his balls after being kicked by Hilda cut.

3. Not an edit... The thug Hilda was interrogating was actually bleeding from his nose.

4. Scene of Gene taking a swig from his flask during the pursuit cut.

5. Ctarl Ctarl's "stop screwing around" changed to "stop messing around". (Odd since in GW Heero was allowed to say that he'd "screwed up".)

6. Scene of Gene taking another swig from his flask cut.

7. Gene's "oh, god" changed to "oh, great". (Strange since Jim got to say "oh my god" when Gene got shot by Hilda.)

8. Scene of sexual banter between Gene, Hilda, Melfina and Jim cut.

9. Hilda's "kill more of my friends" changed to "hurt more of my friends".

10. Blood removed from Gene's dad.

11. Gene's "bitching" changed to "whining".

12. Gene's "alright wiseass" changed to "alright wise guy".

13. Gene's "now you're gonna die" changed to "now you're gonna get it".

IV) When the Hot Ice Melts

This round of edits were minimal but a couple of them are almost beyond comprehension.

1. Melfina now wears a digital bikini in the piloting tank.

2. Gene's "she's nuts to get naked" changed to "she's nuts to get wet". (This was an improvement!?)

3. Jim's "these guys are anal" changed to "these guys are tight".

4. Scene of Harry MacDougall yelling "die, die, die, die..." while firing missiles cut.

5. Harry MacDougall's "she was really hot" changed to "she was really cute". (While definitely attractive I would not describe Hilda as "cute".)

6. Scene of Tao Master getting incinerated shortened.

7. Scene of Hilda biting her suicide capsule and the subsequent detonation cut. (Oh come on. GW had multiple suicide attempts and noble sacrifices.)

Given the heavy action in these last couple of episodes there really wasn't much beyond language to edit. This will probably change when the story shifts to planetside again.

V) Beast Girl Ready to Pounce

Fred's in trouble.

1. Swanzo's "our relationship was pretty hot" changed to "our relationship was pretty great".

2. Gene's flashback to Hilda's suicide replaced with scene of ships falling into Farfallous.

3. Blood removed from Aisha's face.

4. Scene of Aisha licking the blood from her lip cut.

5. Gene's "I'd rather eat shit" changed to "I'd rather eat crow". (This is noted to explain Melfina's sudden embarrassment.)

6. Gene's "what the hell are you doing?" cut.

7. Scene of Jim giving Gene a Caster shell and Gene loading it cut.

8. Gene's "up yours!" changed to "shut up".

9. Jim telling Melfina that she doesn't need to worry about Fred because she's a girl cut. (Uh oh.)

Interestingly the preview had two scenes of Fred hugging Gene. Nonetheless I anticipate some major changes to Fred Luo.

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