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Outlaw Star - ep. 6-10

by Kyle Pope,

VI) The Beautiful Assassin

Edit count way up this time. And several of them are self-contradictory as well.

1. The word "kill" changed to "destroy" and the word "killing" changed to "battling" in prologue.

2. Nude shot of Suzuka cut from prologue.

3. Fred's "you're growing up quickly" changed to "you're doing well".

4. Scene of Fred's flirtation with Jim cut.

5. Scene of Fred cuddling up to Gene and blowing in his ear cut.

6. Scene of Bodyguard telling Gene that Fred loves him cut.

7. Suzuka's "what I want, Mr. Luo, is your life" changed to "what I want, Mr. Luo, is to get you".

8. Suzuka's "live for another five minutes" changed to "stay for another five minutes". (Good lord CN, you've already admitted she's an assassin.)

9. Suzuka's "accept your death" changed to "accept your fate".

10. Suzuka's "die at once" changed to "perish at once".

11. Scene of Suzuka commenting that sunset was a good time to die cut.

12. Scene of Gene's finger tightening on his trigger cut.

13. Suzuka's "failed to kill him" changed to "failed to get him".

14. Scene of Gene leveling his gun at Suzuka cut.

15. Suzuka's "I'll wait for your life" changed to "I'll wait for your time".

16. Fred's "kill him first" changed to "get him first".

17. Scene of Fred offering to let Gene sleep in his room cut.

18. Gene's "this gun is useless" changed to "this blaster's useless".

19. Scene of Gene sniffing Suzuka's sash cut.

20. Gene's "let Fred live" changed to "let Fred be".

21. Scene of Gene firing two shots at Suzuka cut.

22. Scene of Gene firing two more shots at Suzuka and pronouncing her "dead" cut.

23. Gene's "payment for Fred's life" changed to "payment for Fred's job".

24. Gene's "if you're going to kill Fred you'll have to kill me first" changed to "if you're going to hurt Fred you'll have to fight me first".

25. Gene's "getting Suzuka to want to kill me" changed to "getting Suzuka to want to get me".

26. Scene of Gene telling the bodyguards that they said Fred loved him cut.

27. Scene of Fred's prolonged and ecstatic hug of Gene cut.

28. Melfina's "assassin woman" changed to "warrior woman". (Huh? Didn't we just go through this entire episode calling Suzuka an assassin? Even in the title?)

29. Gene's "kill her" changed to "destroy her".

Well they cut as much stuff as they cut without changing the plot but I do believe the essence of Fred Luo got through. Now comes the question of what kind of feedback will CN get as a result of this character. While I thought Fred Luo would get the worst treatment in this episode, the real casualty turned out to be Suzuka.

VII) Creeping Evil

Somebody either fell asleep at the switch on this one or they were in rebellion. Some interesting bits slipped through.

1. Still of blood spattered pirate cut from prologue.

2. Blood removed from corpse in prologue.

3. Narrator's "slay" changed to "destroy".

4. Not an edit... Gene's "screw up" left in. (Strange since they cut this word out earlier.)

5. Gene's "bite me" changed to "get lost". (Why?)

6. Scene of Gene patting Iris' butt cut.

7. Jim's "sleazy way" changed to "worst way".

8. Jim's "sell your body" changed to "sell your car". (Didn't anyone notice that Ehefrau is the only car they have and it belongs to Jim?)

9. Pan of Gene sleeping with his hand in his crotch cut.

10. Scene of Gene attempting to feel up the sleeping Melfina and Jim's stopping him cut.

11. Blood matted out of the spaceport fight with the pirates.

12. Scene of Gene's blood trail in the grass cut.

13. Not an edit... Gene's "damn" left in.

14. Pirate's "grant you a quick death" changed to "grant you a quick end".

15. Spaceport security's "that was a gunshot" changed to "that was a blaster".

16. Blood removed from Jim's hand. (So why show his hand at all? The blood was the point of that scene.)

17. Not and edit... Jim's "What the hell is this?" left in.

Considering the edits made to this episode I find it hard to believe that a "damn" and a "hell" managed to slip through by accident.

VIII) Forced Departure

Light stuff this time but a couple of surprises.

1. Melfina wearing digital bikini in prologue.

2. Scene of pirate healing his wound cut.

3. Blood removed from Gene's dad (again).

4. Melfina wearing digital bikini in piloting tank with Gene.

5. Brief shot of Gene and Melfina in the piloting tank cut.

6. Gene wearing digital bikini in piloting tank. (Hey, men can get them too.)

7. Scene of Gene and Melfina in a tunnel of light cut.

8. Fred's "looking cute as ever" changed to "looking good as ever".

9. Not an edit... Pirate's "screwed up" left in.

10. Pirate's "you're also dead" changed to "you're also meat".

11. Not an edit... Both Gene and Jim got to say "gun".

12. Gaki's "drinks on me" changed to "dinner's on me". (This is a pirate CN. Pirates don't celebrate over surf and turf.)

13. Pirate's "you just killed Una and Gaki" changed to "you just took out Una and Gaki".

14. Gene and Gilliam II's "pain in the ass" changed to "pain in the butt".

Well at seven episodes in I have to say that whatever good will CN earned with their handling of GW is drying up fast given the inconsistencies in how this show was edited. If this is a portent of things to come then I'm not looking forward to more anime on Toonami.

IX) A Journey of Adventure...Huh?

Well this one was "almost" intact.

1. Scene of Jim hoisting a crate of beer cut.

2. The word "beer" digitally removed from the crate behind Jim.

3. Needless to say, Gene did not originally call Suzuka a "witch".

4. Jim's "kill you again" changed to "get you again".

5. Scene of Gene's reparte with Zomba about his girlfriend coming over cut.

6. Zomba's "song of death" changed to "song of doom".

7. Scene where Zomba revives and Gene guns him down cut.

If the rest of them are like this I can retire this list.


X) Gathering for the Space Race

Light editing this time as well but these were some really lame cuts.

1. Scene of Fred cuddling up to Gene cut.

2. Scene of Fred's gaze lingering on Gene as he leaves cut.

3. Scene of Bodyguard cheering Gene on to return Fred's love cut.

4. Scene of Gene flirting with Aisha at the party cut.

5. Scene of Ctarl Ctarl pilots complaining about Aisha cut.

6. Scene of Suzuka placing a bet on the Outlaw Star cut. (They didn't mind showing her in a Casino though. Makes the likelihood of a CN run of Cowboy Bebop even more remote.)

As lame as the editing of this show as been so far I still have to commend CN for running it for no other reason than despite cuts the nature of Fred Luo remains glaringly obvious. If CN successfully breaks down the gay barrier then a whole slew of shows become possible candidates for airing.

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