The Edit List
Outlaw Star - ep. 21-end

by Kyle Pope,

XXI) Grave of the Dragon

1. Harry's "can kill everyone else" changed to "can get everyone else"

2. Gene's "bastard!" changed to "coward!"

3. Gene's "bastard!" changed to "jerk!"

4. Gene's "damn warden's a sadist" changed to "stupid warden's a maniac" in preview.

5. Gene's "my chastity's being put in danger" changed to "my life's being put in danger" in preview.

XXII) Gravity Jailbreak

1. Narrator's "death penalty" changed to "harsh penalty".

2. Stills of gallows removed from prologue (but they kept the forbidden guns).

3. Rape and murder charges removed from Curse Hawkwind's criminal record.

4. Warden's "bastard" changed to "scumbag". (Interesting since this word has been edited out of other episodes.)

5. Saio's "10g hellhole" changed to "10g black hole".

6. Gene's "you Saio's bitches?" changed to "you Saio's friends?"

7. Saio's "die like Illyvich" changed to "go like Illyvich".

8. Gene's "bite me you slowpoke" changed to "get lost you slowpoke".

9. Saio's "after I kill him" changed to "after I get him".

10. Digital bikini added to Melfina.

11. Preview for Hot Springs Planet Tenrei replaced.

XXIII) Hot Springs Planet Tenrei

As previously noted this episode was deleted from CN's OS line up. After seeing it now I know why. For the benefit of those who are unlikely to get the video and see it for themselves I have included a brief summary here.

XXIV) Cutting the Galactic Leyline

1. Scene of Harry thinking of Melfina cut.

2. Hamushi's bustier digitally painted in. (Normally it reveals the bottom of her breasts.)

3. Scene of cheering Ctarl Ctarl aboard the Orta Honehone cut.

4. Gene's "bastard" changed to "moron".

5. Gwen Khan's "trouble you'd have mating with her" changed to "trouble you'd have dating her".

XXV) Maze of Despair

1. Melfina wearing digital bikini in prologue.

2. Suzuka's "when I kill you" changed to "when I finish you".

3. Hitoriga's "killed your entire family" changed to "destroyed your entire family".

4. Hamushi's "I could show you a good time" changed to "we could sit and talk a bit". (Pathetic)

5. Gene's "I've never turned down an offer from a woman before" changed to "I've never turned down an offer from a lady before". (What the hell was this change all about?)

6. Gene's "I'm not exactly in the mood right now" changed to "I don't exactly feel like talking right now". (You have to wonder if the people making these cuts and changes aren't laughing their butts off when they do it.)

7. Gene's "this sucks" changed to "this stinks".

8. Bottom of Hamushi's breasts digitally painted over.

9. Hamushi's "four shells away from death" changed to "four shells away from doom".

10. Hamushi's "when your shells run out you die" changed to "when your shells run out you're meat."

11. Not an edit... Hamushi's disembowelment left in.

12. Scene of Hazanko breaking Harry's body cut.

13. Blood digitally removed from Harry's face.

14. Suzuka's "pain of all those you've killed" changed to "pain of all those you've hurt".

15. Scene of Aisha lying nude after her fight cut.

16. Blood digitally removed from Harry's body.

17. Ron McDougall's "I'll kill him with my own two hands" changed to "I'll finish him with my own two hands".

18. Ron McDougall's "If my little brother is dead as a result" changed to "If my little brother is gone as a result."

19. Blood digitally removed from Gene's dad.

20. Pillow digitally added to cover Hilda's breast.

21. Hilda's "but then sometimes you just want to feel the warmth of another body" cut.

22. Blood digitally removed from young Gene.

23. Scene of Gene and Melfina in the piloting tank shortened.

24. Jim's "killed along the way" changed to "destroyed along the way".

25. Gene's "one who killed him" changed to "one who got him".

26. Blood digitally removed from Harry.

27. Scene of Gene's bloody corpse removed from preview.

XXVI) Return to Space

1. Gwen Khan's "kill anyone" changed to "destroy anyone".

2. Leyline's "they are dead" changed to "they are gone".

3. Scene of Gene's bloody corpse cut.

4. Melfina's "fight him to the death" changed to "fight him to the end".

5. Scene of Anten Assassins melting at Hazanko's arrival cut.

6. Spray of blood digitally removed when the Outlaw Star pierces Hazanko.

7. Sign on Clyde's bar digitally changed to remove the word "bar". (Why bother? The sign was barely readable at DVD level video quality.)

8. Suzuka's "try to kill you" changed to "try to hurt you".

9. Melfina's "died because of the Leyline" changed to "gone because of the Leyline".

10. Scene of Gene hugging Iris and patting her butt in front of the Outlaw Star cut.

From the Editor:

Well, that's it. All of Toonami's edits of Outlaw Star in all their glory... or lack thereof. As previously mentioned, Toonami re-ran Outlaw Star a second time subsequent to when this list was made. The reruns had a few more things edited out, which might have actually been an improvement since it made the show a bit more consistent.

The frequency of Kyle Pope's edit list will be dictated by the frequency of edited Anime on TV, so right now there is no telling exactly when the next installment will be.

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