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The Edit List
Cowboy Bebop - ep. 1 & 2

by Kyle Pope,

...3, 2, 1... Let's jam!

Well thanks to Cartoon Network the words "never happen" have been officially expunged from my vocabulary. When I first read that CN's Sean Akins was a huge fan of Cowboy Bebop and wanted to run it on CN my initial reaction was "yeah, right". Given the editing standards established by Toonami CB would have to be run through a bandsaw several times before CN could even touch it.

Well kiss those Toonami standards goodbye. If CN keeps this up I'll have very little to report on this show. Smoking, alcohol, illegal drugs, violence, gunplay, sexual innuendo... It's all here in all its dark glory. It is ironic that CN is willing to take a bigger risk on this show than the Japanese originally did when it was first aired over there. Admittedly we're only two episodes in as of this writing and there's some fairly heavy stuff coming down the pipe, but CN has demonstrated that they are handling this show with the utmost respect for the show and the viewers. I hope this little experiment is a success for CN as there are a lot of anime series that could benefit from this kind of exposure and treatment.

Now on to the edits. What little there are. Cowboy Bebop: Asteroid Blues
  1. Bullet hole through bartender's head covered over.
  2. "God" bleeped out of Soul Bossa Trio's "God damned son of a bitch".
  3. Blood partially blacked out on Asimov's flyer's window.

That's it. And I'm surprised they blacked out the blood given how much was flying in the rest of the episode. Cowboy Bebop: Stray Dog Strut
  1. Spike's "shit" changed to "damn".
  2. Van driver's "deep shit" changed to "big trouble".
  3. Spike's "shit! That's why I hate pets" changed to "damn! That's why I hate pets".

I will be listing expletive changes for this edit list given that expletives are being used if only the milder ones. Admittedly "Stray Dog Strut" is the most benign of the CB episodes and could have been run on Toonami virtually unedited. The first big test for me will be "Ballad of Fallen Angels". Kyle

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