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Gundam 08th MS Team - ep. 5

by Kyle Pope,
Gundam 08th MS Team List of Edits: The Broken Order to Standby

1) Eledore's "you old fart" cut.

2) Scene of Jion soldier firing at the mother and child cut.

3) Jion guard's "they're being executed tomorrow" changed to "they're being interrogated tomorrow". (I thought they had been interrogated already.)

4) Jion guard's "maybe you can pay us back with some wine next time" changed to "maybe you can pay us back with some grub next time".

5) Eledore's "awaiting execution" changed to "awaiting interrogation".

6) Karen's "now I'm really pissed" changed to "now I'm really ticked".

7) Glass shard and blood digitally removed from Eledore's thigh.

8) Blood digitally removed from Eledore's uniform.

9) Scene of Karen conducting field surgery on Eledore cut.

10) Scene of Gramps and Shiro's encounter with Maria cut. (This had to be a time cut. There was nothing objectionable here and it was quite touching.)

11) Scene of Eledore grabbing Karen's breast cut.

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