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Cowboy Bebop - ep. 5, 6 & 7

by Kyle Pope,

Cowboy Bebop: Ballad of Fallen Angels

1) Puddle of blood Vicious steps over digitally removed.

2) Some blood removed from the bodies and hallway walls.

3) Digital bikinis added to women in skin mags. (Oddly enough the bikini wasn't added to the second shot of the same skin mag.)

4) Blood digitally removed from Mao Yenrai's corpse.

5) Quantity of blood gushing from Spike and Vicious' respective wounds reduced.

Clearly while Adult Swim will show blood that Toonami won't, there is an upper limit to what they will permit. "Ballad" is certainly one of the bloodier episodes of CB. Regardless I am pleased and amazed that they left as much intact as they did.

Cowboy Bebop: Sympathy for the Devil

1) Episode skipped.

There is some questions about this. With recent tragic events CB was momentarily pulled from the Adult Swim schedule due to issues of sensitivity. Still, there is nothing in "Sympathy" remotely related to terrorism. However it did show a child in a distinctly unflattering light. "Sympathy" might show up in a second run through of CB in which case I'll update this entry. Until then I'll give CN the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Cowboy Bebop: Heavy Metal Queen

1) Bounty Hunter's "Oh shit, get this guy too" changed to "Oh damn, get this guy too".

2) Trucker's "shit" changed to "damn".

Well considering what came before this series of edits was almost non-existent. Admittedly HMQ is one of the more benign episodes of CB so I wasn't expecting any edits except for language.

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