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Cowboy Bebop - ep. 11 & 12

by Kyle Pope,

Again Cartoon Network is giving me very little to do and I am happy about it. Here's the next installment.

Cowboy Bebop: Toys in the Attic

1) Spike's "shit" changed to "damn".

That's it. One language edit. Not surprising really. It's the next episode that I was concerned about.

Cowboy Bebop: Jupiter Jazz (Part 1)

1) Gren's shower scene cropped and shortened to conceal his breasts.

This was rather surprising. While I didn't expect that they would actually show his breasts (though we can hope) I didn't expect they'd eliminate them completely given their importance in understanding the character. It especially doesn't make sense given all the Faye fan service we received in this episode and in Toys in the Attic. However it must be appreciated that this was the only edit in the episode again showing that Adult Swim is serious about giving the utmost respect to this series. Hopefully when CB makes its second run without all the concerns about Sept 11th we'll see the series as CN had originally planned to air it. Then we can make a final judgement regarding Adult Swim as a possible outlet for anime.

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