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The Edit List
Big O - ep. 8-10

by Kyle Pope,

Bandai has released the new Big O DVD, so here's the next batch.

Big O: Missing Cat

1) Scene of Military Police zipping up a body bag cut.

2) Blood digitally removed from murder scene.

3) Scene of Military Police prodding corpse of mutated dog cut.

4) Scene of Robert being riddled with machinegun fire cut. (of course)

5) Scene of Louise getting hit with machinegun fire cut.

6) Blood and bullet holes digitally removed from Louise's body.

7) Scene of Roger laying out the bodies of Robert and Louise cut.

8) Scene of Eugene proclaiming himself the Creator at the foot of a crucifix cut. (Can't have those religious references, now can we.)

9) Scenes of Eugene holding a gun to Dorothy's head during battle with Pero cut.

10) Scene of Pero crushing Eugene cut.

Hard to believe but Fox Kids outdid CN. FK at least showed Zhongi being crushed to death during their aborted run of Escaflowne, complete with spray of blood. CN cut out a shadowed view of Eugene meeting his end at the tentacle of his own creation. With Adult Swim running showing what CN is capable of when the drugs wear off these kinds of edits become really exasperating.

Big O: Beck Comes Back

1) Scene of Beck cocking his pistol and pointing it at Francis cut.

2) Blood digitally removed from Francis in the cabin.

Not much here except for CN's gun phobia.

Big O: Winter Night Phantom

1) Scene in cathedral edited to remove crucifix behind pulpit. (You've got to wonder about editing the crosses out of a church.)

2) Scene in cathedral edited to remove little girl grabbing the robot bomb and detonating it.

3) Scene of Major Dastun receiving a casualty report in front of body bags cut.

4) Scene of little girl's body being carried out cut. (There was a body left to carry out? The bomb went off in her hand and was powerful enough to obliterate the cathedral.)

5) Roger's "...lost in the explosion." changed to "...hurt in the explosion".

6) Scene of Dastun taking out a cigarette in front of the theater cut.

7) Cigarette digitally removed from Dastun's mouth when he sees the Phantom Woman.

8) Scene of cigarette falling to the ground cut.

9) Dastun's narration of the movie flashback detailing the woman being shot by the man she loved removed. (The scene just played with a musical backdrop.)

10) Scene of Dastun getting drunk by Roger's fireside cut.

11) Scene of police funeral for Dastun's driver cut. (One of the episode's more ridiculous edits.)

12) Scene of Dastun cradling the Phantom Woman's body on the pier shortened.

Well they went to town on this episode. Up until this point Big O's edits had been minimal. I can assume that CN thought the amount of innocent deaths in this episode must have been uncomfortably high. Rather ironic, I think. Editing out the police funeral was going a little overboard in my opinion, though.

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