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Cowboy Bebop - ep. 13 & 14

by Kyle Pope,

Two more episodes down. I am concerned that CN is beginning to think it has bitten off more than it could chew when it decided to air this series.

Cowboy Bebop: Jupiter Jazz (Part 2)

1) All trace of Gren's breasts removed as per Part 1.

2) Scene of Lin's blood spilling onto the rooftop cut.

3) Scene of Vicious' missile impacting and detonating against a skyscraper cut. (I'll bet this edit wasn't originally planned. Tragedy or no there is such a thing as overreaction.)

The missile edit was a surprise given the fact that they has war scenes with soldiers wearing middle eastern battle gear. I am concerned now that Sept 11th is going to cause some Toonami attitudes to start creeping into Adult Swim. This could easily result in the failure of CN's little experiment.

Cowboy Bebop: Bohemian Rhapsody

1) No edits.

Another zero edit episode. Again one of CB's more benign offerings but it's good to see another one intact. We're past the halfway mark and headed for the denoument and everything it has to offer. I myself am curious as to what will happen to "Cowboy Funk".

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