The Edit List
Cowboy Bebop - ep. 15 & 16

by Kyle Pope,

Breasts and blood were that targets of this batch of edits.

Cowboy Bebop: My Funny Valentine

1) Faye's blanket digitally extended to cover her cleavage.

2) Spout of blood from con's neck digitally removed in preview.

Given how much of Faye we got to admire up until this point the idea that Faye's cleavage needed covering is amusingly ridiculous. It's not as if we actually saw anything or there was really anything to see.

Cowboy Bebop: Black Dog Serenade

1) Blood digitally removed from pile of guard's bodies.

2) Puddle of blood digitally removed when Udai pours out the champagne.

3) Scene of dead guard with a mouth full of champagne cut.

4) Spout of blood digitally removed when Udai slashes con's throat.

5) Quantity of floating blood drops greatly reduced.

6) Blood digitally removed from pilot and copilot's bodies.

7) Blood and bullet holes digitally removed from pilot con's body.

8) Spout of blood digitally removed when Udai was shot.

9) Blood around Udai's head digitally reduced.

10) Puddle of blood under pistol Jet grabs removed.

CN pulled out the digital mop and bucket for this episode. Clearly the blood was flowing a lot freer than CN was comfortable with even for Adult Swim.

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