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Tenchi Muyou OVA Series 1 - ep. 3: Hello, Ryououki-chan

by Kyle Pope,

Tenchi Muyou: Hello, Ryououki-chan - Episode 3

1. Scene of Sasami sighing before following Aeka out of their room cut.

2. Sasami's "Did you lay it?" to Ryouko cut.

3. Ryouko's "...bear a child with the man I love" changed to "...start a family with the man I love".

4. Tenchi's "Child!?" changed to "Family!?"

5. Scene of Ryouko patting down Tenchi's crotch cut.

6. Long cut here. Scene of Katsuhito feeling up Ryouko's breasts cut. Subsequent scene of Katsuhito greeting Ryououki and admonishing Tenchi about fatherhood cut.

7. Scene of Ryouko demolishing a staircase cut.

8. Aeka given digital panties under her kimono.

9. Not an edit... Aeka's blood is shown.

10. Another long cut. Scene of Tenchi stepping outside the storage shed and Aeka getting undressed cut. Subsequent scene of Aeka being frightened by Ryououki and Tenchi rushing in to comfort her cut.

11. Ryouko's "...pissed we got it back" changed to "...peeved we got it back".

It was this episode where it was becoming evident that Ryouko's violent and overtly sexual nature was something of a problem for the censors. Things only got worse for them from here.


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