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Tenchi Muyou OVA Series 1 - ep. 5: Kagato Attacks

by Kyle Pope,

Clearly a lot of the cuts here were for time given that the OVA episodes aren't of a convenient length for TV broadcast. However there are plenty of edits here as well driven by CN's established fear of alcohol, sex and blood.

Tenchi Muyou: Kagato Attacks (Episode 5)

1. Scene of Ryouko knocking back sake and welcoming Aeka into the onsen cut.

2. Ryouko now wears a blue digital bikini.

3. Ryouko's "...failed to seduce Tenchi." changed to "...failed to attract Tenchi."

4. Scene of young Tenchi peeing outside Ryouko's cave while spectral Ryouko watches cut.

5. Aeka's "You're over 1000 years old and it's annoying to be seduced by an old lady." cut.

6. Mihoshi has digital bikini straps under her towel.

7. Shot of tub full of empty sake bottles blacked out.

8. Mihoshi's second "That's what I thought. He might be my destiny." cut.

9. Sasami's "smells like sake" changed to "smells like bad tea".

10. Scene of Ryouko cuddling Ryououki to her bosom cut.

11. Tenchi's "don't kill her, Grandpa" cut.

12. Scene of Aeka warning Tenchi away from the sword and being admonished by Youshou cut.

13. Scene of Mihoshi feeding alcohol to one of Ryououki's crystals cut.

14. Scene of Kagato commenting on the appearance of the Light Hawk Wings and preparing his counter-strategy cut.

15. Scene of Aeka searching the debris for Tenchi shortened.

16. Scene of Ryouko searching the debris for Tenchi shortened.

17. Amount of blood on Tenchi's scarf digitally reduced.


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