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The Edit List
Gundam 08th MS Team - ep. 11

by Kyle Pope,

Note to Cartoon Network: When you put a large number of troops in the field, arm them with very heavy weaponry and have them all start shooting at each other, large numbers of them are going to die. Given recent events it's time you stopped hiding this little reality of war from the public.

Gundam 08th MS Team: The Shuddering Mountain, Part II

1. Blood running from Ginias' mouth digitally removed.

2. Ginias' "They're all off probably getting drunk somewhere" changed to "They're probably all off celebrating somewhere".

3. Blood digitally removed from Ginias' face and tunic.

4. Ryer's "If he deserts, execute him" changed to "If he deserts, eliminate him".

5. Ryer's "I would prefer if I didn't have to execute your entire team" changed to "I would prefer if I didn't have to take out your entire team".

6. Eledore's "Just shut up and pray" changed to "Just shut up and hope".

7. Scene of Michel praying followed by Eledore praying cut.

8. Aina's "...it would never bring any of the dead back to life" changed to "...it would never bring any of those men back to life".

9. Scene of Ginias drawing his pistol against Aina cut.

10. Bullet impact against Aina's chest digitally removed.

11. Trickle of blood from Aina's mouth digitally removed.

12. Shiro's "Aina! Don't die!" changed to "Aina! Don't leave!" (Weak)

13. Shiro's "You killed your own sister" changed to "You shot your own sister".

14. Scene of the back of Aina's normal suit burning away in the blast cut.

15. Ryer's "You will carry out the execution order immediately" changed to "You will carry out the elimination order immediately".

16. Kojima's "Execution!?" changed to "Elimination!?"

17. Ryer's "I've already given an order for his execution" changed to "I've already given an order for his termination". (Bad news Shiro. You've been downsized.)

18. Kojima's "Why this is nothing but a lynching" changed to "This is just a big mistake".

19. Shiro's "Now I have to kill him" changed to "Now I have to get him".

20. Eledore's "A double suicide" cut.

21. Not an Edit... The cross on the grave that was digitally removed from the grave in the preview returned for the actual episode. And it was shown repeatedly. (I guess CN likes spending money wastefully on digital editing.)

These religious cuts are proving quite annoying. While I can see good BS&P reasons for many of the edits here, the religious cut seem to me to spring from sheer cowardice.


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