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Tenchi Universe - ep. 18-21

by Kyle Pope,

Tenchi Universe, Episode 18: No Need for a Ghost

1. Completely unedited.

You'd have to be a heartless philistine to want to edit anything out of this episode.

Tenchi Universe, Episode 19: No Need for Runaways

1. Scene of Amarube giving the finger cut.

Well I suppose it doesn't matter that this gesture doesn't mean the same thing to the Japanese that it means in the US.

Tenchi Universe, Episode20: No Need for Swimsuits

1. Not an Edit... Nagi orders a beer at the snack shop.

2. Open "V" panel on Ryouko's bikini bottom digitally painted in. (However it was left open in the preview of this episode. Also several other contestants had open "V" panels on their swimsuit bottoms including Kiyone.)

3. Ryouko's "And now for my personal turn-ons. I love sleeping late, drinking early and taking a bath in the morning" changed to "And now for my personal habits. I love sleeping late and taking a bath at leisure in the morning".

4. Ryouko's "She loves sleeping, drinking and bathing" changed to "She loves sleeping late and bathing in the morning".

5. Beauty shots of Nagi's anatomy in her swimsuit cut.

6. Open panels on Nagi's swimsuit digitally painted in. (You don't think the audience reacted like that to such a utilitarian swimsuit in a beauty contest now did you?)

American censors apparently are just encountering the Japanese tradition of fan service.

Tenchi Universe, Episode 21: No Need for a Checkpoint

1. Completely unedited.

Another one for the intact column. I wouldn't have thought there'd be that much to cut from this series.


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