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Gundam 0083 - ep. 1: Gundamjack

by Kyle Pope,

Here is another Toonami transplant. Once again the editing wasn't changed to suit the standards of the new block. While there wasn't much to edit from Pilot Candidate, Gundam 0083 is really going to suffer from Toonami level editing.

Gundam 0083, Episode 1: Gundamjack

1. Opening animation added to first episode.

2. Delaz's "Commandant Giren has been killed in action?" changed to "Commandant Giren has been eliminated?"

3. Keith's "This god damned Zaku maneuvers like a piece of shit" changed to "This stolen Zaku maneuvers like an elephant". (You do not steal enemy equipment. You capture it.)

4. Keith's "How about we grab a beer?" changed to "How about we go to dinner?"

5. Burning's "You watch your asses out there" changed to "You watch your sixes out there".

6. Raban's "Do those guys still wanna fight for Christ sakes? How many people do they have to kill?" changed to "Do those guys still wanna fight for Pete's sake? How many people do they have to hurt?"

7. Animation incorporated into the closing credits.

I can only hope that future titles bound for this block are edited accordingly. Being constantly warned about the adult nature of these shows even though they've been edited down to 6 - 11 year olds is somewhat insulting.


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