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The Edit List
Pilot Candidate - ep. 9: Doom

by Kyle Pope,

Pilot Candidate, Episode 9: Doom

1. Episode title changed from "Death" to "Doom".

2. Color digitally removed from Victim's blood after Gareas strikes it.

3. Gareas' "If I wait Ernest is going to die" changed to "If I wait Ernest will be exposed".

4. Victim's blood digitally removed after Teela strikes it.

5. Gareas' "I'm going to kill each and every one of these bastards" changed to "I'm going to destroy each and every one of these cowards".

6. Erts "My brother, has he died?" changed to "Ernest, has been destroyed?"

Even for Toonami CN should stay away from war stories if death is such a taboo issue.


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