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The Edit List
Rurouni Kenshin - ep. 7

by Kyle Pope,
1) Shot of Kurogasa taking a drag from his cigarette cut.

2) Kurogasa's "I can defeat the Battousai as he is now in less time than it takes to finish a cigarette" cut along with the accompanying visual of Kurogasa's hand holding said cigarette.

3) Shot of Kurogasa's discarded cigarette butt hitting the ground cut.

4) Scene of Kurogasa standing amidst the bodies of the slain Shinsengumi cut.

5) Shot of Kurogasa's sword piercing Kenshin's shoulder cut.

6) Blood spray digitally removed when Kenshin falls away before Kurogasa's attack.

7) Shot of blood pooling under Kenshin cut.

8) Not an Edit... Bloodstain remains on Kenshin's wounded shoulder.

9) Shot of Kurogasa's crushed nose spraying blood cut.

10) Shot of Kurogasa's blood spilling on the ground cut.

11) Shot of Kurogasa stabbing himself with his wakizashi cut.

12) Hilt of Kurogasa's wakizashi digitally removed when he falls back. Shot of final blood spray cut.

13) Scene of Kurogasa lying in a pool of blood cut.

14) Wakizashi digitally removed from pan up Kenshin and Kaoru.

15) Shot of Kurogasa lying in his own blood delivering his final words replaced with a close-up of Kenshin's face.

16) Kurogasa's "I'll be watching you from the edge of hell to see how long you can keep saying you're a wanderer" cut along with the visuals of his dying body.

17) Shot of Kurogasa's corpse cut.

18) Blood digitally reduced on Kenshin's shoulder wound. (Now they clean it up.)

19) Close-up of Kaoru's ribbon stained with Kenshin's blood cut.

The Mighty Maids are at it again. I expect they'll be getting quite a workout before this series is over. What I don't understand is removing all traces of Kurogasa's suicide to include all traces of the weapon he used. Anyone not familiar with the series would be hard pressed to figure out why Kurogasa died or even if he died at all.

And clearly Toonami firmly remains a smoke-free area.

Note... For those not familiar, a wakizashi is the short sword a samurai carries as part of his daisho. The other weapon being the katana. Contrary to popular belief it was not used for committing ritual suicide but for fighting indoors where space to swing a sword is at a premium.

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