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Trigun - ep. 6 & 7

by Kyle Pope,
Trigun, Episode 06: Lost July

1) Completely unedited.

Two episodes out of six so far.

Trigun 07: BDN

1) Kaite's "Oh shit!" when he pops out of the ventilation duct cut.

2) Shot of Brilliant Dynamites Neon's shell casings falling near an expanding pool of blood as he shoots the driver cut.

3) Shot of Brilliant Dynamites Neon shoving his pistol against Kaite's mouth cut.

4) Scene of Brilliant Dynamites Neon shoving his pistol into Kaite's mouth and saying "Splatter time" cut.

5) Steamer captain's "Shit! You're sick!" changed to "You're sick".

Interesting that while they cut out BDN's pistol being shoved in Kaite's face they left the scenes of the hostage with an assault rifle pressed to the back of her head intact.

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