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Dual: Parallel Trouble Adventure - ep. 1

by Kyle Pope,
These edit lists aren't going to be as hard as I thought. Apparently content per se is not being edited. However the anime broadcast on Tech TV's Anime Unleashed is being clipped for time. Establishing shots are being deleted, still shots are being shortened as are pans and some small scenes are being deleted. Clearly Tech TV wants to squeeze in as many ads as possible in the time allotted. Nonetheless they have left the OPs in their shows. Cartoon Network deletes the OPs on their anime shows and leaves the bulk of the episodes intact with the exception of BS&P edits. Also Tech TV is not making use of digital paint technology. Personally I prefer Cartoon Network's approach. Tech TV's slap-dash approach to editing the episodes for greater advertising space is more detrimental than CN's content editing.

So with that here's the plan. It makes no sense to list every shot that has one or two seconds snipped from it. If something major is removed it will be noted, otherwise the episodes in question will be generically listed as being edited for time reasons only. This will apply to all of Tech TV's anime offerings.

Here we go.

Dual: Parallel Trouble Adventure 01: Life Sympathy

1) Episode edited for time only.

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