The Edit List
Trigun - ep. 22, 23 & 24

by Kyle Pope,
Trigun 22: Alternative

1) Townie's "You worthless piece of shit!" changed to "You worthless piece of..." to the fallen Vash.

2) Shot of Zazie the Beast placing his revolver against Meryl's head as he confronts Vash cut.

3) Wolfwood's "I save your ass one more time and you come after me with your childish bullshit!" to Vash after Wolfwood kills Zazie the Beast cut.

While they removed the shot of Zazie placing his revolver to Meryl's head they left in the subsequent shots of him holding it there. The limits of this particular prohibition are proving difficult to pin down.

Trigun 23: Paradise

1) Wolfwood's "Ah shit! This thing's filthy" changed to "This thing's filthy" as he works on his bike.

2) Not an Edit... Caine commits suicide by placing a gun to his head and firing.

3) Wolfwood's "Oh shit!" muted from dialogue when the bar goes up in flames.

So let me get this straight... You can't put a gun to other people's heads but you can put a gun to your own and even blow your own brains out.

Trigun 24: Sin

1) Not an Edit... Vash placing his revolver to Legato's head, holding it there and ultimately firing it left in.

Must have been shift change over in the editing department.

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