The Edit List
Rurouni Kenshin - ep. 30

by Kyle Pope,
Rurouni Kenshin 30: The Devil of Vengeance

1) Shot of Saitou impaling Kenshin after Kenshin leaps cut.

2) Shot of Kenshin suspended in the air on Saitou's sword shortened.

3) Blood sprays digitally removed when Saitou withdraws his blade and kicks Kenshin across the dojo.

4) General edit for the rest of the episode... Bloodstains removed from Kenshin's wound as well as Kenshin's and Saitou's faces.

5) Drops of blood digitally removed from dojo floor as well as from Saitou's blade.

6) Shot of Kenshin collapsing out of a huge dent in the dojo wall after Saitou slams him into it cut.

7) Shot of Kenshin breathing heavily shortened. (At this point Kenshin is gone. The Battousai has returned.)

8) Shot of Battousai's blade connecting with and deforming the back of Saitou's neck cut.

9) Shot of Saitou spitting out a bloody tooth cut.

10) Shot of Saitou's thrown broken sword cutting into the back of Battousai's hand as Battousai bats it aside cut.

11) Shot of Battousai spitting up blood after Saitou's rain of punches cut.

12) Entire scene of Saitou pulling Battousai up into a stranglehold with his tunic and Battousai breaking free cut.

13) Shot of Kaoru's hand reaching out to Battousai shortened to remove Battousai from the shot.

14) Shot of Battousai and Saitou entering a whirling melee after Kaoru
collapses in tears cut.

15) Rivulet of blood digitally removed from Kenshin's arm after he punches himself.

16) Not an Edit... Blood back on Kenshin's face.

17) Blood digitally removed from the dent in the wall behind Okubo.

18) Not an Edit... Okubo's aide refers to opium rather than poppies when offering a pardon to Megumi.

19) Sanosuke's "...and now you're asking him to murder innocent..." changed to "...and now you're asking him to hurt innocent..."

20) Saitou's "It's called Hell if I remember correctly" changed to "It's the afterlife if I recall correctly" before he kills Akamatsu.

21) Shot of Akamatsu's blood spraying across a wall as Saitou cuts him down cut.

22) Negative shot of Akamatsu's bloody corpse replaced with shot of Saitou's blade as Saitou confronts Shibumi.

23) Scene of Saitou's confrontation with Shibumi digitally recomposed to remove shots of Akamatsu's corpse.

24) Blood digitally removed from Saitou's blade after he kills Shibumi.

25) Parting shot of room containing Shibumi's and Akamatsu's bloody corpses cut.

I predict right now that Toonami will not be able to handle the Kyoto Arc. If this fight between Kenshin and Saitou was edited this much then the fights that are coming up won't stand a chance.

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