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The Edit List
Rurouni Kenshin - ep. 36

by Kyle Pope,
Rurouni Kenshin 36: Across the Boundary Between Edo and Meiji

1) Not an Edit... Feet of suspended corpses shown in flashback.

2) Not an Edit... Yumi offers sake to Shishio.

3) Smoke from Shishio's pipe digitally removed.

4) Shishio's tale of his past as Battousai's replacement shortened to remove section showing how he was gunned down and burned alive.

5) Not an Edit... Shishio's "In other words the remnants of the flames of Hell have been burning inside my body for every single moment since then" left in. (Oops. They must have been really busy with the other edits to let this slip through.)

6) Shishio's "Kill or be killed" cut from the list of lessons his burns taught him.

7) Shot of Shishio taking a puff from his pipe cut.

8) Scene of Shishio's flashback to the wars of the Bakumatsu recomposed to remove images of fighters being cut down and gunned down.

9) Shot of feet of suspended couple cut from Kenshin's memory of the carnage in the village. (They left them in at the beginning of the episode though.)

10) Long cut... Fight between Misao and the mansion guards cut short to exclude shots of Misao beating down her attackers. Scene of Eiji confronting one of the downed guards, being taunted by him and ultimately trying to kill him only to be stopped by Misao cut.

11) Long cut... Shot of Senkaku continuing to chase Kenshin around with no effect while demanding that he stand and fight cut. Conversation between Saitou and Soujirou analyzing the fight and Shishio's reactions to it also cut. Shot of Senkaku's leg tearing itself apart and collapsing under him cut.

Alright, what happened here? A huge section of this episode was hacked out for no reason I can discern. I would think the fight between Misao and the guards would be the sort of action Toonami is looking for. I can see them not wanting to show Eiji trying to kill the guard even though the loss of this scene lessens the impact this tragedy has had on Eiji. As for the fight between Kenshin and Senkaku I can understand not wanting to show some fairly graphic footage of Senkaku's leg shattering (Think Joe Theisman.) but cutting out Saitou's observations of the progress of the battle deprives us of knowing that despite his rough exterior Saitou knows his stuff and is very good at what he does.

Well this was certainly the most crudely edited episode of RK aired to date. A huge bleeding hole was left in this episode in contrast to the normally precise edits we've seen so far.

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