The Edit List
Rurouni Kenshin 51

by Kyle Pope,
Rurouni Kenshin 51: Wake Up Now!

1) Not an Edit... Blood at the corner of Aoshi's mouth left in.

2) Blood and wounds digitally removed from the sides of Kenshin's neck. (This edit is inconsistent throughout the episode as the blood and wounds on Kenshin's throat continually appear and disappear.)

3) Shot of Kenshin's blood spattering on the floor around his foot after Aoshi's blow cut.

4) Not an Edit... Blood at the corner of Kenshin's mouth left in. (But his neck wounds are gone.)

5) Rivulet of blood removed from Kenshin's hand as he grasps Aoshi's blade.

6) Flashback to Shikijou, Hyottoko, Beshimi and Hannya being gunned down cut.

7) Flashback to Hyottoko's corpse replaced with still of his talking to Beshimi after they were both shot.

8) Blood and bullet wounds digitally removed from flashback of Beshimi's corpse while pupils were digitally added to his eyes.

9) Blood and bullet wound digitally removed from flashback of Hannya's corpse while a pupil was digitally added to his eye.

10) Kamatari's wink to Yahiko as well as the accompanying line "I promise you you'd never regret it" after offering to train Yahiko cut.

11) Shot of Okina's blanching at learning that Kamatari is actually a man cut.

Fred Luo didn't get to flirt with Jim Hawkins in Outlaw Star and now Kamatari doesn't get to flirt with Yahiko. Life's rough sometimes.

Kyle Pope

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