The Edit List
Blue Gender 02

by Kyle Pope,
Blue Gender 02: Cry

1) OP deleted. (This will be a given from here on in.)

2) Shot of camera zooming out from Minnie at her computer console to show Keith watching her replaced with continuous tight shot of Minnie's face.

3) Shot of Keith starting to undress then removing Minnie's body armor and fondling her breasts as she continues to radio for intructions cut. (I wonder how Trigun got away with it.)

4) Not an Edit... Shot of Marlene's round exploding a Blue's core left in. (So why did they edit the first one?)

5) Shot of Minnie being thrown back against a support strut breaking her neck and shattering her skull as the truck lurches under the Blue attack cut.

5) Joey's "Oh, shit!" changed to "Oh no!" as he tries to free the Armored Shrike for battle.

6) Keith's "What the hell's going on up there?" changed to "What's going on up there?" as the Blue attacks the truck.

7) Keith's "Will you quit dickin' around up there!" changed to "Will you quit foolin' around up there!" as they try to get the Armored Shrike free.

8) Shot of flying Blue punching through the transport's windshield covering it in the flight crew's blood cut.

9) Shot of Keith's Armored Shrike's fist punching into the Blue and producing a shower of blood cut.

10) Shot of Marlene's round exploding the core of the flying Blue cut. (So why did they leave the last one in?)

12) Eyelid digitally added to Minnie's corpse. Quantity of blood coming from her mouth and pooled around her head digitally reduced.

13) Shot of transport truck driver's corpse cropped to removed large pool of blood under his head.

14) ED shortened. (This will be a given from here on in.)

Well say goodbye to the sex. And the editing inconsistencies are starting. And we're not even warmed up yet.

Kyle Pope

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