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Blue Gender 06

by Kyle Pope,
Blue Gender 06: Relation

1) Yuji's flashback to discovering Joey fondling Marlene in Seoul cut from his confrontation with Marlene.

2) Shot of Marlene's breast pressing against Yuji as she wraps the blanket around him cut.

3) Shot of Joey fondling and undressing Marlene only to have a Blue burst from Marlene's chest cut from Yuji's dream.

4) Pan up Marlene's legs to her butt as Yuji stares at her while hiking behind her cut.

5) Long cut... Scene of young Marlene meeting and being kissed by a soldier before he departs for a mission to Earth cut from Marlene's flashback to her training on Second Earth. (This was a stupid cut. There was nothing problematic in the scene and without it the kiss Marlene subsequently gives to Yuji loses its meaning.)

6) All shots of Marlene approaching and swimming in the oasis in her underwear cut from preview of next episode. (It's not as if she were actually nude. She was in military underwear. They even cut out a shot of her bare feet. This is approaching paranoia.)

I can understand caution but FUNimation is taking it to the level of overkill. They are purging every scene that can even be remotely construed as sexual from this show to include simple displays of affection or Marlene showing skin anywhere other than her face and hands. I'm surprised they allowed Marlene to kiss Yuji at all.

Kyle Pope

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