The Edit List

by Kyle Pope,
FLCL 06: Furi Kura

1) Mosaic over Kamon's genitals digitally enlarged during manga sequence.

2) ED deleted. (This was no doubt due to the extended length of the

I credit CN for letting this episode run its full length. The ED was not too great a sacrifice in order to see the climax in its entirety. It's amusing that CN's only stated edit to FLCL was to censor something that had already been censored. I fail to see the point given everything that had gone before. It's not as if you'd have seen any more had the original mosaic been left intact.

Anyway that was FLCL. I hope you all enjoyed the ride. I did when I first saw it. If you thought that was weird then you need to see Abenobashi Mahou Shotengai. FLCL was just a warm-up for that dose of insanity. ADV has that one and you never know.

Kyle Pope

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