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Yu Yu Hakusho 25, 26 & 27

by Mike Majeski,
25. Kuwabara's Fight of Love

1. In Recap – Scene where Yusuke is hanging by Miyuki's Hair whip – CUT.

2. In Recap – Scene where Miyuki charges Yusuke only to be punched away – CUT.

3. In Recap – Scene where they show Tarukane, Yukina, and the Black Black Club and pulling back to show the Toguro Brothers replaced with a close-up of the Toguro Brothers. (I'm not sure why, the original had nothing objectionable in it)

4. Scene showing Sakyou (holding a lit cigarette) as the Black Black Club discuss the Tarukane and the wager – CUT.

5. Smoke removed from the close-up of Sakyou as he reacts to the Black Black Clubs discussion.

6. Scene where it starts with showing the screens of the Black Black club members and pulls back to show the Toguro Brothers cut short.

7. Yusuke's “Whats up with his power?! Dammit, this isn't going to be easy!” – CUT.

8. Scene where after being punched by Toguro, Kuwabara coughs up some blood – CUT.

9. Yusuke's “Son-of-a-bitch” changed to “That was fun” after he hit Toguro with his Shotgun blast.

10. Yusuke's “Dammit. Guess there's just one good way to stop him.” changed to “Darn it. Guess there's just one good way to stop him”

11. Scene showing Sakyou with a lit cigarette changed to a close-up.

12. In the scene where their panning across the screens of the Black Black Club, Sakyou's cigarette is removed.

13. Scene showing Sakyou (holding a lit cigarette) changed to a close-up.

14. Scene where Yusuke coughs up blood from the result of Toguro's attack – CUT.

15. Kurama's “I don't belong here, Voyeurism has never been my strength.” –Left In.

16. Scene where Yusuke coughs up blood from the result of Toguro's Kicking him in the stomach – CUT.

17. Blood removed as Yusuke is flying through the air, as a result of Toguro's attack.

18. Scene where Toguro connects with a punch to Kuwabara's stomach – CUT.

19. Yusuke's calling “Kuwabara” with concern – CUT. (why? I'm not sure)

20. Close-up of Sakyou with smoke rising (No cigarette) changed to scene of Sakyou holding a ballpoint pen.

21. Scene of the Black Black Club with Sakyou centered – CUT.

22. Tarukane's “Wait! I don't know who the hell you are.” changed to “Wait! I don't know who the heck you are”

23. Scene, from Yusuke's and Boton's point of view, of Hiei beating up Tarukane – CUT.

24. Scene where Boton says “We have to do something! Regardless of what Tarukane deserves, Hiei is forbidden to take human life. He'll be punished severely!” and Yusuke responds “perfect” – CUT.

25. Close-up scene of Hiei punching Tarukane in the face repeatedly – CUT.

26. Close-up of Hiei throwing punches and Yusuke yelling “Stop if Hiei! Don't kill him!” – CUT.

27. Over the shoulder shot of Hiei, with Yusuke and Boton in the background – CUT.

28. Blood removed from Tarukane's face as Hiei is holding him by the collar.

Thus ends the Spirit Detective Saga. The next episode starts the Dark Tournament. Toonami's smoking ban will be made evident in these episodes, as we'll see every trick in the book to cover up the cigarettes—particularly since Sakyou and Shizuru (Kuwabara's Sister) smoke like chimneys. Also apparent will be the removal of most of the blood in the fight scenes. That's sure to be difficult with certain characters, for physical attacks are their specialty (Like the Toguros). The funny thing is, in this episode Toonami had no qualms about showing the younger Toguro being impaled by Kuwabara's Spirit Sword. I guess if they don't show any blood, they'll let it slide. Interesting...

26. Toguro Returns

1. Yusuke's “Give me a break! That would've sucked!” changed to “What! Are you crazy! Me arrest Hiei?”

2. Sakyou's “Oh and take care of the mess upstairs before you leave” talking about Tarukane – CUT.

3. Scene where the younger Toguro looks up to the control room after Sakyou signs off – CUT.

4. Close-up of Tarukane where is laughing and says “A street bum! I'm a street bum!” – CUT.

5. Scene where the younger Toguro jumps up and kicks Tarukane sending his head hurtling toward the camera – CUT.

6. Yusuke's “No freakin' way!” changed to “There's no way!” when he first sees the Younger Toguro since his fight with him in Tarukane's Fortress.

7. Yusuke's “You idiot! He's going to kick your stupid ass!” changed to “You idiot! He's going to kick your stupid butt!” after Toguro invites him to the Dark Tournament.

8. Yusuke's “Dammit!” changed to “Old hag!” about Genkai during his training as she's punching him in the stomach.

9. Genkai's “Does it hurt, slacker? Did you come all the way here just to give me more of your crap?!” changed to “Does it hurt, slacker? Did you come all the way here just to waste more of my time?!” trying to goad Yusuke into training harder

10. Ships captain's Pipe removed (it wasn't even lit)

11. Yusuke's “Damn Hiei, is this how you say hello to people now?” changed to “Well Hiei, I see your people skills are getting better.”

12. In Preview – Scene of our Hero's jumping up out to attack the demon hordes replaced a close-up of a demon baring his claws.

13. In Preview – Scene of a demon descending to attack Kuwabara (off camera now) replaced with a horde of demons charging the Masked Fighter

14. In Preview – Scene of Kuwabara slicing said demon in half replaced with a closing shot of the Masked Fighter.

27. The Dark Tournament Begins
1. Scene, at the beginning (before description of the Dark Tournament begins), 2 demons charge each other and ends with one cutting the other in half – CUT.

2. Scene of another demon getting cut in half, vertically this time – CUT.

3. Pacing of the intro of the dark tournament quickened to cover cut scenes.

4. NOT AN EDIT – Scene where a demon makes another demon explode physically left in.

5. Captains pipe removed (again)

6. Hiei's “If that happens all we have to do is kill everyone else on the boat before we reach the island.” changed to “If that happens all we have to do is to get rid of everyone on the boat before we reach the island.” Talking about if the Masked Fighter loses in the preliminary round.

7. Shizuru's cigarette removed in the scene where Kayko and her are pressuring Boton to find out where Yusuke and Kuwabara are.

8. Kuwabara's “Holy crap!” changed to something incomprehensible. After witnessing the Masked Fighter eliminate all the other demons with one attack.

9. Scenes of the Demons dispatched by Hiei (all cleaved into pieces) – CUT.

10. Scene where a horde of demons charge Kurama just before he breaks out his thorn whip – CUT.

11. Scene where the Demons that were attacking Kurama fall into pieces after his Thorn Wheel attack – CUT.

12. Scene where Kuwabara cuts a demon in half, just before calling out to Yusuke – CUT.

13. The scene of the demon, which was punched by the sleeping Yusuke, comes to rest against the railing amongst a pile of Demon parts – CUT.

14. Scene of the Kuwabara's reaction to Yusuke's attack – CUT (To many disconnected demon body parts laying around I guess)

15. NOT AN EDIT – Kurama's “Everyone's dead” in response to Kuwabara's asking what happened to the fight they were just in left in

16. NOT AN EDIT – The wide angle shot of the aftermath of the battle (Showing all the demon bodies) left in.

17. NOT AN EDIT – Scene of the carnage while the Captain reflects left in.

18. Scene, panning across the guests, one of them says “For some reason I thought they'd be bigger,” – CUT.

19. Continuing the pan, another guest says, “Be nice to them, Caroline. They're about to be dead.” – CUT

20. Concluding the Pan, a third guest says, “This is going to be a very intriguing year,” – CUT.

21. Scene, pulling away shot from the announcer replaced with the shot of Team Urameshi walking into the stadium.

Toonami shows in this episode it doesn't like to show bodies (even demon bodies) being cleaved apart, even no blood is shown. They even shy away from showing just the body parts (not connected to the parent body of course). But they don't mind showing supposedly dead demons, some even missing an arm or leg (many of which you can see the protruding bone). And Toonami now has no problem with the issues of death, kill, or the occasional (okay, maybe not occasional) death threat. But they have a problem with it when it's on a massive scale. When Hiei suggests that they may have to kill everyone on the boat to insure that they make it to the Tournament, I guess that was to much—even though that's what they ended up doing, they even say as much (after the fact). I'm not sure what criteria they use to enforce this supposed double standard, but I would like to know.

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