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Blue Gender 15

by Kyle Pope,
Blue Gender 15: Calm

1) Slow pan up Alicia's body as she showers after the simulator exercise cut.

2) Long shot of the nude Alicia and Marlene standing in the drying booths cut.

3) Slow pan up Marlene's back before Alicia touches her cut.

4) Scene of Alicia saying "My skin is all dry and chapped and my muscles are really sore" as Marlene reaches for her towel in the drying booth cut.

5) Towel digitally removed from Marlene's hand and another towel digitally painted onto her body as she and Alicia exit the shower area. (I have to admit this was a good one. They've come a long way in the use of the digital bikini.)

6) Nude male patron digitally removed from the locker area as Alicia and Marlene enter.

7) Scene of topless Marlene pulling on her pants as Alicia says "I wish I was a better fighter so I could pair up with Yuji sometime" followed by Marlene's "That may happen if you put in the effort" replaced with extended shot of Alicia's face behind Marlene as they stand in front of Marlene's locker.

8) Shot of topless Marlene saying "No" to Alicia's inquiry about pairing up with Yuji replaced with tight shot of Marlene's face as she reaches into her locker.

9) Alicia's "Now I get it." followed by Marlene's "Yeah, what do you mean?" followed by Alicia's "Oh come on! It's so obvious. Don't play dumb with me." as Marlene pulls her shirt on cut.

10) Nude male patron digitally removed from locker area as Marlene closes her locker and walks off.

11) Shots of Yuji surveying the dark corridor and seeing various couples engaged in sexual activity everywhere he looks cut.

12) Establishing shot of recreation room filled with numerous people engaged in various sexual activities cut.

13) Shot of Marlene lying back on the couch with Rick lying on top of her cut.

14) Rick's "What's wrong?" as he caresses Marlene's back cut.

15) Shot of Rick offering Marlene something from a small blue box cut.

16) Shot of Rick stroking Marlene's breast then attempting to reach into her shirt cut.

17) "Shit!" muted from Yuji's "Shit! I wish I knew where the hell I was going" as he gropes his way along the corridor.

If this list had gone on any longer I'd be at serious risk of turning ANN into a porn site. Anyway after showing this episode maybe they'll give us that missing episode of Outlaw Star.

Kyle Pope

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