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Yu Yu Hakusho 41 & 42

by Mike Majeski,
41. Reverse Decisions

1. Fan's “What the hell is he doing now?” – Muted.

2. In the scene of Kayko and Shizuru, Shizuru's cigarette is removed.

3. Yusuke's “Well, that was a damn good fight Jin.” changed to “Well, that was a pretty good fight Jin”

4. NOT AN EDIT – Shizuru's “I'm not leaving the country. I just didn't think it'd be festive to pee in my pants during the next fight” left in.

5. Butajiri's “Hey! Risho! You better be sure you can handle this! Between the bets and paying people off, I spent my whole damn fortune on you!” changed to “Hey! Risho! You better be sure you can handle this! Between the bets and paying people off I spent my entire fortune on you!”

6. Fan's “Damn it! I'd pay fifty G for a ticket!” – CUT.

7. Yusuke's “Alright, I'm kickin' your ass out of principal!” changed to “That's it! Your goin' down!” just before he charges Risho.

8. Boton's “Well that's just the biggest crap-job I've ever heard in my life!” changed to “Well that's just the biggest load of bull I've ever heard in my life”

9. In the close-up of Kurama, the amount of blood on his chest is visibly reduced.

10. Butajiri's “Who needs ninjas? I beat this whole damn team myself.” – CUT.

11. In Flashback – The scene where the critically injured Gama attacks Kurama replaced with 2 different scenes. 1) Where Gama lunges at Kurama, Just before he releases his Rose Whip; and 2) the stylized scene of Kurama extending his Rose Whip and slicing Gama.

12. In Flashback – The scene of Gama collapsing and close-up of his face – Blood removed

13. NOT AN EDIT – The censor forgot to add to Ruka's outfit while she's reacting to Hiei's powerup. Her cleavage is visible, Top and bottom.

14. Yusuke's “They're gonna kill us anyway. So we take on every damn freak 'til no one's left.” changed to “They're gonna kill us anyway. So why don't we take on every freak here 'til no body's left.” After he's disqualified and his team's about to lose (in which case our hero's would all be killed)

15. Close-up scenes of the cords of Ruka's outfit breaking – CUT (Explanation – Turns out the cords hold most of her power. And thus, with Hiei breaking through her barrier... The cords get broken. Which would have been explained if not for edit #17)

16. As Ruka get knocked to the ground, extra cords added to her outfit to cover up her Cleavage. (Interesting that they left the broken cords hanging in this scene)

17. Ruka's “The enchantress chords holding my power, his energy's tearing them apart. A couple more minutes like this and there won't be any of them left!” – CUT.

18. NOT AN EDIT – Koenma's “That a way Hiei! Don't stop now! Keep your energy exploding! Tear those evil chords apart!! Left in (I'm noting this because of edit #17. Without the establishment of the link between the Chords and Ruka's power there is no reason to tear apart Ruka's chords)

19. Butajiri's “What the hell's he mean?” changed to “Who's he talking about?” in response to Kuwabara saying they have one more fighter on their team.

There was a tough editing decision in this episode, and I have to admit I'm not sure if they made a mistake or not. Case in Point – Ruka's Enchantress Chords (the source of her power).

It is implied that if all of them are broken, she loses her power. It's also implied that if she loses them she will also be naked. Now Toonami could have left Ruka's lines in (see edit #17) and added the extra chords to keep with the editing standard. But was the implication of Ruka losing her chords (ie her only clothing) too much?

Now, with Ruka's line edited out (#17), Koenma's line (#18) and Blue Ogre's line in response to Koenma, lose all their meaning. Maybe it would have been better to cut Koenma's line “Tear those evil chords apart!” and Blue Ogre's line out. That way it would look like Koenma's cheering Hiei to escape, and not having “Naughty Thoughts”.

Or maybe a better Idea is to air all the episodes Unedited. (I know, pipe dream =)

42. A Matter of Love and Death

1. Blood on Kurama's chest visibly reduced.

2. Butajiri's “Talk all you want Yusuke. You're not gonna screw with any of us anymore.” changed to “Talk all you want Yusuke. You're not gonna mess with any of us anymore”

3. After Sakyo get up, his cigarette is removed

4. In the slow pan of Kayko, Boton, Shizuru, and Yukina... Shizuru's cigarette is removed and her hand is changed (to make it look like she's doing something other than holding a cigarette)

5. Scene of blood dripping onto the arena floor, with the sounds of Risho punching Kuwabara – CUT.

6. Yusuke's “Don't just let that creep wail on you! Show some freaking balls!” changed to “Don't just let that him wail on you! Show some guts, Kuwabara!”

7. Close-up slow panning shot up Ruka's body (just before she screams in terror at Hiei's energy buildup) – CUT.

8. Ruka's thoughts “His body is exploding with energy. Why the hell did I take this job?” changed to “His body is exploding with energy. Why the heck did I take this job?”

9. In the scene where Kuwabara is reflecting on why he can't use his Spirit Sword, the blood is removed from his face.

10. Scene where Risho punches Kuwabara square in the face – CUT.

11. Scenes where Risho kicks Kuwabara sending Kuwabara staggering backward – CUT.

12. Risho's “Do you really think a normal human could have sustained the injuries you have? Your body's been using your Spirit Energy to keep you alive.” While Kuwabara is hunched over in the vain attempt to recover – CUT.

13. Risho's “and now you have nothing left!” as he charges in to attack one more time – CUT.

14. As Risho kicks Kuwabara, blood spray is removed

15. Butajiri's “Thanks to my work our mutual enemy's screwed and I'm about to be filthy rich!” changed to “Thanks to my work our mutual enemy's toast and I'm about to be filthy rich”

16. The scene after Toguro strikes Butajiri, where the top of his head pops off in a fountain of blood – CUT.

17. Sakyo's “I tell you, Toguro. You are so creative with those deaths.” – CUT.

18. Scene where Sakyo lights up a cigarette – CUT.

19. Scene of Toguro and Sakyo, with Batujiri's body in the foreground changed to extreme close-up of Sakyo. As Sakyo says “Now we just have to hope Yusuke's team can survive this mess.”

20. Toguro's “If not, then he wasn't worth me fighting in the first place.” – CUT.

21. Blood removed when Risho kicks Kuwabara in the face.

22. Close-up of Kuwabara coughing up blood, just after Risho's Meteor Attack – CUT.

23. Boton's “You mean the perv?!” changed to “You mean the jerk?!” describing the ticket attendant they roughed up to get into the stadium.

24. Boton's “Shove it!” changed to “Oh, that's it!” as they break free of the security guards.

25. NOT AN EDIT – In flashback, the scene of Yukina being backhanded by Toguro left in.

26. In Flashback – the scene of the elder Toguro crushing a pair of birds – CUT.

27. As Sakyo is confronting the guards, his cigarette is removed

28. Scenes where Shizuru puts a cigarette in her mouth, Sakyo takes out his lighter, and lights her cigarette – CUT.

29. As Kuwabara back-hands Risho, the blood on Risho's face is removed.

30. Yusuke's “I am never gonna understand that bastard.” changed to “I am never gonna understand that guy.” About Kuwabara trying to impress Yukina (in the middle of his fight)

31. NOT AN EDIT – Ruka's outfit is untouched.

32. Yusuke's “Hey! Why don't you try not getting pissy with me?” changed to “Hey! Why don't you try not getting testy with me?”

33. Yusuke's “Look, we've both been doin' some growin' up since we saw each other. You for instance... ” As we see the back of Kayko's head and shoulders and then quick pan down to Kayko's butt – CUT.

34. Shot of Yusuke poking Kayko's butt replaced with a slow pan up her body (recycled from the start of this scene.)

35. Yusuke's “Is it just these pants, or did you really get a nice ass?” changed to “Since when did you fill out in all the right places?”

36. Kayko's “Haven't grown up that much!” – CUT.

37. Boton's “Bad move by Yusuke.” changed to “Bad move Yusuke!” as she shrinks back into the bushes (I know that there isn't much difference between the 2. The actual difference is how the line is said. On the DVD, Boton sounds like an impartial observer. On the Toonami version, it sounds like Boton is actually feeling for Yusuke's predicament. I hate to say it but I think, for this line only, I like the edit better in this case.)

38. As Yusuke gets up, the blood dripping from his nose is removed.

Ok, there are three things I really want to comment on in this episode. The first is the editing out of Risho's explanation of why Kuwabara couldn't use his Spirit Sword. Is the fact that his spirit energy is keeping him alive so bad? Especially considering all the references to death, and dieing? The second is in Yukina's flashback, the shot of Toguro backhanding her was left in. But in the original episode (#22 Lamenting Beauty), it was edited out. The third is Yusuke's line to Kayko, about them both doing some growing up. I wish there was a way the censors would of let that line through. I understand that it was what Yusuke did next is why that line was removed, but... another point of good character development remove.

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