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The Edit List
Rurouni Kenshin 59

by Kyle Pope,
Rurouni Kenshin 59: Not Out of Luck!

1) General Edit for the Rest of the Episode... Blood digitally removed from bodies of Kenshin and other fighters during battle with Shishio.

2) Blood spray digitally removed when Shishio slashes Saitou's thighs.

3) Shot of Shishio's fingers impaling Saitou's shoulder and Saitou subsequently coughing up blood cut.

4) Blood digitally removed from Sanosuke's face as he sits slumped against the wall. (I mention this edit specifically because it seems the censor overdid it. Not only was the blood completely cleaned from Sanosuke's face but a piece of his red headband hanging past his chin was digitally removed as well.)

5) Close shot of the unconscious Kenshin's face as Shishio taunts Aoshi cut.

6) Shot of Aoshi walking past Kenshin's unconscious body as he explains his presence to Shishio cut.

7) Shot of blood spatters hitting the ground after Shishio's strike to Aoshi's throat cut.

8) Number of Aoshi's flashes to the image of Kenshin's unconscious face and body reduced to two.

9) Pan up Kenshin's back as he recovers his strength behind Aoshi cut.

10) Shot of Sanosuke's broken and bloody hand as he contemplates his situation cut.

11) Not an Edit... Blood left on Kenshin's shoulder as he recovers and Shishio prepares for combat.

12) Shishio's "You might say that the fires of hell burn ferociously inside me" changed to "You might say that the fires of Hades burn ferociously inside me."

13) Not an Edit... Blood left on Kenshin's body as he recovers from his attack on Shishio.

14) Sanosuke's "What's going on here?" as the flames start erupting around them cut. (Must have been for time. There couldn't be any other reason.)

15) Close shot of Shishio's bloody face and glowing eyes replaced with a close-up shot of his hand clutching his sword. (Pointless edit as this exact same view of Shishio's face was used at the end of the episode.)

16) Not an Edit... Blood left on Sanosuke's face as he contemplates Kenshin's final attack options.

17) Not an Edit... Blood left on Kenshin's body as he pulls himself to his feet using his sword.

Considering the censor who cleaned this episode was so enthusiastic as to remove a piece of Sanosuke's red headband along with the blood I wonder how the blood edits managed to be so inconsistent.

Kyle Pope

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