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Yu Yu Hakusho 53

by Mike Majeski,
53. Overcoming Grief

1. NOT AN EDIT – They played the OP

2. In Flashback – Genkai's “For years I toiled with this creation. Energy of the spirit and the body concentrated into the smallest space. It is both part of and separate from me, and could power a whole city block. Your test is to incorporate this into your own body, and hope it doesn't tear you apart. The agony of this is beyond words. It could go on for hours or days.” As Yusuke relives the finer points of his final test (blood and everything) – CUT.

3. In Flashback – Yusuke's “Screw this test! I'm getting us out of here!” changed to “Forget this test! I'm getting us out of here!”

4. Hiei's “Damn it! I still need more training.” changed to “Forget it! I still need more training.”

5. Shot of Sakyo sitting in a chair, his arm is moved and his cigarette is removed.

6. First committee member's “It's the usual forty trillion to the winning owner. That should treat you nicely when stacked with the sixty-six trillion you won from Tarukane before his unfortunate and untimely death.” Panning from the committee member to Sakyo – CUT (because of Sakyo's cigarette).

7. In the shot of the three committee members in front of Sakyo, his cigarette is removed.

8. Panning shot up to Sakyo and the first committee member replaced with the committee member stepping up next to Sakyo

9. In the close-up of Sakyo's face, his cigarette and resulting smoke is removed. But the sound of him exhaling said smoke is still present

10. Third committee member's “You're screwing with us” changed to “You make-a mess with us” to Sakyo (In a bad oriental accent)

11. First committee member's “Kill that rotten bastard!” changed to “Kill that rotten monster!” about Sakyo.

12. Shots of blood spattering the walls and ceiling – CUT.

13. Shot of a demon twisting in front of Toguro, blood is removed.

14. Another shot of blood splattering on the wall – CUT.

15. Shot of Sakyo's face being splashed with blood and then he tries to wipe it off – CUT.

16. Shot of the carnage Toguro inflicted (after Sakyo tosses his handkerchief) – CUT.

17. Close-up shot of the First Committee member, all blood has been removed.

18. In the shot of the other 2 committee members, all blood has been removed.

19. In the shot of Sakyo (after panning up from the 2 committee members), his wineglass has been drained.

20. In the close-up shot of Toguro's hand, all blood in the background has been removed.

21. Shot of Sakyo taking a drink (what he did can't be called sip) of wine – CUT.

22. Koenma's “She said the last year of her life sucked because as a student you were such a pain in the ass.” changed to “She said the last year of her life was crummy because as a student you were such a pain in the rear.”

23. In Preview - “If that's not intrigue enough, just watch to see how cool Yusuke can be when he's really p.o.'d!” changed to “If that's not intrigue enough, just watch to see how cool Yusuke can be when he's really ticked!”

24. ENDING TITLES - Second ED replaced with the first ED.

Just when we think we're going to have a nice quiet episode, the writers have to throw in a blood bath that the censors will never allow. And let us not forget those nasty cigarettes. But enough of that, there's something more interesting to analyze. Why did they cut out the majority of Genkai's lines? The scenes shown during that time do show Yusuke cringing in pain and the occasional blood geyser (ok, a wee bit more than occasional). But in the past the censors were able to deal with that without cutting out acceptable dialog. Either through the use of CG or “Creative Scene Management” (i.e. replacing one shot with another). My guess (just conjecture) is that they may have been running a little close to the budget limit, or pressed for time. It was probably more cost / time effective to cut those scenes and play the OP as a time filler.

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