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The Edit List
Dragon Ball GT Introduction

by Mike Majeski,
I was not originally intending to write an introduction for Dragon Ball GT. I didn't think it was necessary, not to mention that that it would be better to limit your exposure to my “less than stellar” writing technique. Unfortunately a decision by Funimation forced my hand.

Dragon Ball GT is the continuing story of Goku and his friends, set four years after the close of Dragon Ball Z. It starts off with a miss-cast wish on the infamous black star dragonballs, which turns Goku back into a child. We pick up the story well into their search for the Black Star Dragonballs. Actually our heroes have already found 4 out of the 7 balls.

The reason for this is Funimation decided to start the dub releases at the point just before the action starts to pick up, thus they started with episode 17. This might have been a good decision, marketing wise, though it makes my job a bit harder, especially with edits in flashbacks. It's hard to place a name to a character that hasn't been introduced yet. I could go to the original, or even the fansubs, to get these names, but there is no way of knowing if they will remain the same. Lucky for me there is only one flashback edit (so far) that goes back to the unreleased episodes.

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