Happy Anniversary, Encyclopedia!

Happy Anniversary Encyclopedia!

Has it only been one month since we introduced the Encyclopedia? According to our stats, it must've been. Has our Encyclopedia been successful, though?

Well, let's put it this way: Since it's premiere in July, nearly half of our daily visitors read the Encyclopedia. That's excellent, for something that's only been around for 4 weeks! Additionally, since July 1st, our readers have contributed over 4,000 new entries to the database. That number translates to over 1,600 unique cast and crew, 200 new anime series, and a whole lot more!

We knew the Encyclopedia would be a hit -- but we weren't expecting this much success! We set an optimistic goal of, perhaps, 2,000 new entries within the first month, but thanks to our readers, we've more than doubled our goal.

A great deal of thanks is due to Miagi, Ataru, rgmusashi, cardcaptormanda, Nintendestined64 and all the others who've submitted information in the last month. Even if you've only submitted one or two entries, it doesn't mean anything less -- every piece of information counts, when you're building the world's largest database of anime information!

Of course, our task is far from over. Over 3,000 different anime TV series, OVAs, movies, and specials are yet to be recorded in the Encyclopedia, and thousands (if not tens or hundreds of thousands) of directors, animators and even in-betweeners are still unidentified.. and then, there's manga..

Looking ahead, if things continue at this pace, by this time next year we could have nearly 3,000 unique anime series, along with over 10,000 unique individuals who perform over 60,000 different jobs.. but in order to reach those lofty goals, we still need help from you! If you're familiar with kanji, or have access to credit lists of older titles, or if you know even one obscure anime fact, we need you! The Encyclopedia will not be complete until all anime are given proper due, and that means if we all cooperate, the Encyclopedia will be the most accurate it can be.

Again, thank you, everyone, for all your work! I look forward to the coming year, to see just how detailed the Encyclopedia can be!

Of course, I'm not the only one beaming with delight over the success of the Encyclopedia. Dan, the Encyclopedist, also has a lot to share about the pains of developing such an immense project.

If you haven't checked it out yet, take a look -- the Encyclopedia is waiting!

-George "Cookie" Phillips
Anime News Network

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