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It seems that not everyone fully understood my comments about Slashdot and the effect of being Slashdotted.

Slashdot is an extremely popular message / news forum for all things tech and geek related, it is quite seriously one of the busiest websites on the internet. When a website is linked to by Slashdot the result is an influx of several thousand or even tens of thousands of visitors in one day. This effect is called the Slashdot effect or "being slashdotted."

Every website craves traffic and visitors, but a huge influx can sometimes be bad. Depending on the site's webhost, bandwidth may capped to a certain rate, or a certain limit per month, or they may have to pay for excess bandwidth.

A bandwdith rate cap results in the website being very slow if its bandwdith is spread between too many people, the monthly limit can result in a website being shutdown by its host, and of course the charge for excess bandwidth can result in an unexpected bill of between $3 and $20 a gig.

Fortunately, ANN recently moved to a great colocation company called Cologuys, and the result was that we were able to handle yesterday's influx of traffic without a hiccup.

So ANN got all the benefits of an increased readership for one day (a certain % of which will probably become regular readers) and none of the bad effect usually associated to being /.'d.

It was fun, and we look forward to the next time it happens.

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