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In ep 18, when Okarin (Okabe) goes on the web to search up information about where to take someone on a date, the website he uses is a parody off google. As the logo is spelled goodle instead of google.

In ep 18, when Kurisu Makise brings Okabe some new clothes for his date, the bags she brings back are from UNIQLO, a real cothing store that has many locations around the world.

The organization SERN is most likely based off of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, a.k.a. CERN.

The IBN 5100 is a parody of the IMB 5100; a real portable computer built by the IBM company in 1975 and discontinued in 1978. It supported the APL and BASIC programming languages and offered 3 problem solving libraries.

John Titor was the name of a real person who posted a series of threads on various bulletin boards in 2000 claiming to be a time traveler from the year 2036 who wishes to travel to the year 1975 to retrieve the IBM 5100. He also made various predictions of future events, none of which have happened so far.

Jackie Ross recorded episode 25 in Seattle, Washington. She had left the Dallas-Fort Worth Area after completing the first 24 episodes to go work for Valve Software as a writer. When the OVA came up she had to be sent the script and video to a booth in Seattle to record it.

In Episode 2, at around 18:23, during his conversation with Okarin (Okabe), Daru (Hashida) mentions a person who is famously nicknamed "Lightning-Fast Knight-Hart". This is a reference to the character Takumi Nishijou from another Nitroplus game-turned-anime, Chaos;Head, which is set in the same universe as Steins;Gate. Takumi is famously known as "Lightning-Fast Knight-Hart" in the MMORPG he plays in Chaos;Head.

In Episode 6 when they are deciding on the past mail name (approx 7 minutes in) Daru votes as 'The mail who leapt through time" which is in fact a reference to an anime title called "The girl who leapt through time." In turn Mayuri votes as "Back to the mail," which is a reference to the movies "Back to the Future" and afterwards "DeLorean mail," as a reference to the Doc's car from the "Back to the future" movies.

In Episode 9, at around 11:45, posters of Nitroplus's mascot character Sonico wearing her trademark cat-eared hooded parka could be seen on a building/storefront before the shot of the metal Upa is shown. Nitroplus is one of the two companies that created the Steins;Gate visual novel, which in turn serves as the original material for the anime adaptation.

In episode 10, Okarin at approx 16:00-16:10 says "Once again I've connected something Useless, by Goemon." This is a parody of Goemon in Lupin where he was supposedly a great swordsman and could cut everything with his sword, except jelly. He would usually say "Once again, I've cut something useless."

In Episode 10, at around 03:47, Daru mentions an in-universe anime named Blood Tune. The fictional anime Blood Tune (also present in Chaos;Head), along with the website MewTube (a parody of YouTube) are two of several recurring elements in the universe where both Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate takes place. Both were originally visual novels jointly developed by the game companies 5pb. and Nitroplus.

In episode 12 at 15:40 Okabe says "the cake is a lie!" referencing the video game series Portal created bye Valve

In episode 25, Kurisu compares Okarin to Leeroy Jenkins, a hotheaded World of Warcraft player who has his own Wikipedia page.

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