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In ep 1 at 4:02 Ichiko Sakura revels her definition of classy is Medaka Kurokami from Medaka Box thus her mental image shown in this scene is Ichiko cosplaying as Medaka.

In ep 2 at 8:01 Sakura images a pixelated version of Doraemon is in her closet.

In ep 2 at 8:32 Momiji is in Sakura's closet doing push ups while cosplaying as Goku from Dragon Ball Z.

In ep 2 at 14:39 Momiji is cosplaying as Moka Akashiya from Rosario + Vampire.

In ep 3 at 3:46 Sakura is dressed in ninja garb complete with Naruto's Hidden Leaf village headband.

In ep 4 at 4:54 Momoo Inugami goes into Super Saiyan mode, a reference to Dragon Ball Z.

In ep 4 at 5:29 Momiji is dressed as San from Princess Mononoke because she has a wolf as a companion.

In ep 4 at 6:44 Momiji is dressed like a Ganguro gal. These young girls wear heavy colorful makeup, bleach their hair blonde and tan their skin very darkly. They are considered to be rebellious.

In ep 5 at 3:05 Momoji is dressed as Matel from Galaxy Express 999.

In ep 5 at 4:37 Teddy is dressed as Vegeta and Momiji is dressed as Nappa from Dragon Ball Z.

In ep 9 at 7:45 Momiji dresses as Luffy D. Monkey from One Piece, for her tennis match. She even says gum gum and has stretchy limbs.

In episode 1, when Momiji is making an explanation near 7:20, you can see both Vegeta and Goku from Dragon Ball Z in the background.

In Episode 2, the second time Sakura Ichiko peeks into her closet to make sure she wasn't imagining, that there are people in her closet, Binbouda Momiji and Kumagai are cosplaying as "Noah Bright" and "Yashima Mirai" respectively. These are two of the many protagonists in the anime "Kidou Senshi Gundam".

In Episode 2, the third time Sakura Ichiko peeks into her closet, Binbouda Momiji and Kumagai are cosplaying as "Son Goku" and "Bubbles" respectively. These are characters from the anime "Dragonball Z". Binbouda Momiji is doing the push-ups "Son Goku" does in the show, with Kumagai holding a banana.

In episode 3, Sakura's reference to a love comedy at 6:20 is relating to "ToLove-Ru: Darkness", due to the parody title, "Binbogami ga! Darkness".

In episode 3 at 3:55, Momiji cosplays as Lupin from Lupin III.

In Episode 4, when Momiji asks for a spear the one Kumagai brings out is the "Spear of Longinus". The spear looks exactly like the one found in "Shinseiki Evangelion".

In episode 5, at 4:50 Momiji reenacts the infamous "Over 9000!" scene from Dragonball Z.

In episode 7, at 8:50 Yusuke Urameshi and Yomi from Yu-Yu Hakusho can be seen in the crowd.

In episode 8 around 5:10, Momiji and Teddy are dressed like Miss Merry Christmas and Mr. 4 from One Piece.

In Episode 9, during the halfway segment, Momiji is cosplaying as "Kusama Daisaku" and Gorihara as "Giant Robo".

in episode 11, the mud monster Momiji is serving is the dirty river god from Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away. Later on in the episode, Momiji also cosplays as Chihiro in her bathhouse attire.

In episode 12, 7:37, Sakura imagine an complete scene of Death Note, where she is "L", Momiji is "Ligth", Bobby is "Amane Misa" and a SPK member, Suwano is "Watari", Tsuwabuki is "Rem", among others.

In episode 12, Bobby uses the phrase of the campaign of Barack Obama at the end of the chapter: "Yes we can"

In episode 13, Sunrise logo appears in the pickup that led Bobby and beer crates carrying Tsuwabuki.

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