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The anime marks the 5th Anniversary of the Jewelpet Anime Series, which originally started in 2009. As being the 5th animated series, numerous references and cameos from the previous series as well as various references from other Sanrio Franchises were seen.

In the beginning of episode 1, when Jewelina is explaining about the function of the Magical Jewel Box, the Jewel Stick and Jewel Pocketbook from the first Jewelpet series, the Jewel Star Crown from Jewelpet Twinkle and the Deco Bus from Jewelpet Kira Deco can be seen in the box.

On the 29th episode during the Dragon Palace scene, Mutsumi is holding and snacking in a snack named "Rocky". The name is a pun to the popular Ezaki Glico snack "Pocky".

During the 4th episode, there are reference to a lot of western film cliches.

During the ending credits, several Jewelpets cross the road like "The Beatles".

King's spell animation from episode 43 is a reference to an episode of the first Jewelpet series in which a child got a stuffed doll of him from a crane game.

In episode 3, Angela Cycle, from the previous series, makes a return on one scene.

In episode 9, during the beginning, was noted a parody from the Alinamin V Energy Drink.

The GoKuRoSan Trio (Sango, Sakuran and Rossa) in Episode 12 itself is a reference to the idol groups in the game franchise "THE [email protected]". When translated in numbers, GoKuRoSan can be read as "5963", a reference to the famous "765" in 765 Production, which is pronounced as "NaMuCo" or "Namco".

In episode 15, Luna used a scene from "Heidi, Girl from the Alps" after casting her Jewel Magic to tame the goats down.

In episode 19, can be noted a "Gundam plastic model" reference in Jasper's room which resembles that of the Sazabi.

The manga illustrations seen in Episode 21, 32 and 43 were all drawn by Koge Donbo, the creator of the "Di Gi Charat" anime series. Additionally some of the manga scenes in those episodes evoke of all Shojo Manga in the 70's.

during the epilogue in episode 31, Sapphie herself made a parody from "the Ring" recalling the Sadako's scene approaching to the TV.

In Episode 34, Angela herself is using a special Backpack Vacuum to suck out a cockroach. The vacuum and sound effects were reminiscent to the Proton Packs from the movie Ghostbusters.

In episode 34, Lapis sits in the iconic chair from the erotic series of movies, very popular in Japan, "Emmanuelle".

In Episode 39, Ruby herself is wearing a Halloween costume, which is composed of Jason's mask from the movie "Friday the 13th" and both clothing and claws by Freddy Krueger from the movie "A Nightmare on Elm Street".

In Episode 40, The Jewel Guard is a shout-out to the all Earth Defense Groups in several 70's Kaiju TV Series and Movies. The Giant Ruby and Tata battle is also a homage to both the Godzilla series of movies and the Ultraman Franchise.

In Episode 41, Angela's expression in one scene resembles that of Kunie Tanaka's character, Goro from the drama "Kita no Kunikara".

In Episode 42, a character resembling the titular cartoon character "Johnny Bravo" is seen during the Relay Race.

Granite's spell animation seen in episode 48 contains references to Star Wars; the way the app icons scroll up is like the opening written narration in each movie, and Granite momentarily appears frozen in a carbonite block like Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back. Additionally, his tall, fuzzy alien partner resembles Chewbacca.

In episode 52, when Ruby recalls being on the moon, she briefly performs Michael Jackson's moonwalk dance.

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