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In the final episode, Mobile Suits cameos from other series are seen fighting the Devil Gundam during the space scenes. Look closely and you will see RX-78, GP01, GP01Fb, GP02A, Zeta Gundam, Gundam F91, and V2 Gundam

Also making Cameos at the final battle with Devil Gundam,are Daitarn 3 (Muteki Kojin Daitarn 3) and Zambot 3 (Muteki Chojin Zambot 3). This is a hint to the fact that Tomino worked on both.

During the later half of the series set in Neo Hong Kong, there are cantonese insert songs played in various episode. Cantonese is the common spoken dialect of Chinese in Hong Kong.

Both opening songs in this series were sung in another language (not for any dub versions) that was released in the soundtrack CDs for the show. "Flying in the Sky" was sung in Cantonese in the 3rd sountrack CD while "Trust You Forever" was sung in English in the 5th soundtrack CD (and renamed to "I'll Trust You Forever.") Various other cantonese insert songs from the 3rd soundtrack CD were also resung into Japanese in the 5th soundtrack CD.

Various kanji-only names for some characters are based on well-known Chinese phrases created by famous emprise novelist JIN Yong (金庸). Examples include Toho Fuhai 东方不败, Fuunsaiki 风云在起, Grand Gundam 狮王争霸, Walter Gundam 笑傲江湖 and Gundam Heaven's Sword 天剑绝刀.

The first time Domon Kasshu actually summons the Burning Gundam the animation uses his summon for the Shining Gundam, so he instead calls "Rise, Shining Gundam."

For the U.S. release, many Gundam names were changed. Three of them (God Gundam to Burning Gundam, Devil Gundam to Dark Gundam, and Gundam Heaven's Sword to Raven Gundam) for religious reasons, following the backlash of Wal-Mart refusing to sell the Gundam Deathscythe Hell from Gundam Wing. Tequila Gundam was changed to Spike Gundam to remove the alcohol reference. The rest of the Gundams received name changes for unspecified reasons (some were supposedly made to sound more appealing to younger audiences, while others were just too difficult for children to understand).

In the introduction of episode 2, Stalker, the show's narrator begins the episode with the line, "I would like, if I may, to take you...," which is a reference to director Imagawa's favorite TV show The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The series did not achieve high ratings in Japan, and did not do better in the U.S. In fact, G Gundam was mostly blamed by fans for the steep decline of Gundam's popularity in the U.S., as toys for this particular series were overproduced and retailers stopped carrying the Gundam line due to the over-saturation of G Gundam toys.

Fuunsaiki has his own Gundam and even uses the mobile trace system suit. This is seen when Master Asia fights and when Domon is coming to save Rain riding Fuunsaiki.

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