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At the beginning of episode 21 the camera pans over a pile of books. The top book is titled "Rod Hot Linux". That’s a pun at a Linux distribution, "Red Hat". (Linux is a PC Operating System)

In the english language version of Episode 4, the words "Underwear" and "Underpants" are said a total of 116 times. (111 for "Underpants" and 5 for "Underwear.")

Rie Tanaka - the Japanese voice actress (seiyuu) who does the speaking voice for Chii (Chi) on the original Japanese track of Chobits and the singing voice of Chii (Chi) on both the Japanese and English tracks of Chobits - made a music video of "Ningyo Hime" ("Mermaid Princess"), the second ending theme song she sings for Chobits. It is part of a promotional video (PV) DVD - which came with the limited edition of her mini-album "Chara de Rie" - for Rie Tanaka's "24 wishes" album.

Though translated as Persocom, the original Japanese Chobits calls them Pasokon (personal computer) with no distinction between modern and humanoid computers. This may be in reference to the fact that "computer" used to mean a person who performed calculations. During World War II most computers were women.

Hideki is woken up by an alarm clock from a brand called "HIDEKI". The Alarm is the same as a real life HIDEKI brand clock.

From January 22, 2005 to April 10, 2005, Kawasaki City Museum featured a CLAMP exhibition. During the exhibition, a CLAMPAZAR event celebrating 15 years of song for CLAMP was held on March 21, 2005; ALI PROJECT, Rie Tanaka, and Maaya Sakamoto performed live theme and insert songs they had done for various animated works based on CLAMP manga titles. For her live concert, Rie Tanaka cosplayed (dressed up) as Black Chii/Freya, one of the characters she played in Chobits, and sang songs ("Raison d'etre"; "I hear you everywhere" {a capella due to a musical mishap}; etc.) she had performed in the Chobits anime.

In the Chobits anime, Yumi is the daughter of the manager of the Japanese pub Hideki works at. In the manga, this was not so.

While not credited for his task anywhere, Hiroyuki Kitakubo storyboarded the opening sequence for Chobits. He had originally planned to feature Hideki and Chi naked, without any nipples or genitalia showing. While the series director, publisher, and the TV station approved, CLAMP did not. They didn't want the two main characters to be shown that way. Kitakubo, years later, criticized CLAMP for their disapproval. Among his criticisms, he outlined the first beginning of Chobits, where Hideki finds an unresponsive Chi and activates her by touching her activation button located in the genital area. Due to time restrictions, Kitakubo wasn't able to redo the entire opening sequence from scratch. The only difference between the final OP and the one Kitakubo had originally planned is that the final sequence features the two characters with their clothes on.

Chii's original name is Elda, a corruption of Erda or Urd, the Norse goddess of Earth. Chii's sister is named Freya, after the Norse goddess of love, beauty, and death.

In Episode 4 while Chii is at the lingerie store there is a KFC in the background and the statue that Hideki is hiding behind looks very similar to Colonel Sanders.

In episode 8, when Hideki searches for Chii you can hear in background song from another anime based on CLAMP works: X OVA. It's titled Fuma/Kamui Dialogue Mix (depending on the Strenght Single you have). Important note: in Chobits it's voiceless version.

In Episode 11, there are parodies of movie posters of Spider Man and Turn-A Gundam.

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