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Megumi Hayashibara made her debut in the first episode of Maison Ikkoku as kindergarten kid and background dialog. The kindergartener part was "Nanda ano inu?" (Viz DVD Sub shows "What's with the dog?"). And the background dialog was "Nanji dato omotten noyo-!?" ("What time d'you think it is!?"). Shigeru Chiba (Yotsuya's voice) was one of her teachers. (Source : "Ashita ga aru sa 明日があるさ - Sweet time express" Story by Megumi Hayashibara , Art by Sakura Asagi)

In Japan, the Maison Ikkoku tv program had begun at 7:30 PM on every Wednesday when original program was airing. It was combination with Dragon Ball at 7:00 PM.

Many of the main characters' names contain numbers that correspond to their apartment unit numbers. For non-residents, their names contain the unoccupied appartment numbers (ie: Mitaka Shun where "Mi" is three and unit 3 is unoccupied). The list is: Unit 1 (Ichi): Ichinose Hanae; Unit 2 (Ni): Nikaido Nozomu (character not in TV series but in the manga); Unit 4 (Yo): Yotsuya; Unit 5 (Go): Godai Yousaku; Unit 6 (Roku): Roppongi Akemi.

The begining of Maison Ikkoku overlaps the end of Urusei Yatsura and charters from Urusei Yatsura show up often in Maison Ikkoku Also the end of Maison Ikkoku overlaps the beginning of the Ranma1/2 Manga and if you look next to Godai's head at the end of 93 and the beginning of 94 you will see a Ranma 1/2 Manga

More names with numbers:

(Kyouko) Oto-nashi/音無 -> nashi/無 -> nothing
(Kozue) Nana-o/七尾 -> nana/七 -> 7
(Ibuki) Yaga-mi/八神 -> hachi/八 -> 8
(Azuna) Ku-jou/九条 -> kyuu/九 -> 9

Ichi-no-se/一の瀬 -> ichi/一 -> 1
(Nozomu) Ni-kai-dou/二階堂 -> ni/二 -> 2 [manga only]
(Zenzaburou) Mitsu-koshi/三越 -> san/三 -> 3 [anime only]
(Shun) Mi-taka/三鷹 -> san/三 -> 3
Yotsu-ya/四谷 -> yon -> 4
(Yuusaku) Go-dai/五代 -> go -> 5
(Akemi) Ro-ppon-gi/六本木 -> roku/六 -> 6

Coach Mitaka's dog, McEnroe, is named for the tennis star John McEnroe.

The English dub, produced by Viz Media and Ocean Studios, was put on hiatus after episode 36, but resumed several years later for the DVD release, resulting in many character recasts.

If you look closely at the crowd during the school festival in episode 15 “The Play's the Thing, Not the Playing Around! The Show Must Go On!” and you can pick out Lum and Ran from Urusei Yatsura enjoying themselves.

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