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Ep 21 is another parody of other anime, this time it is a parody of the typical Mahou Shoujo genre (more specifically it's Cardcaptors Sakura as you can tell from the magical staff). Tenma is also wearing Wonder Woman's outfit and Yakumo is like the fairy from Peter Pan.

In episode three the gun fight between Harima and Hanai at the climax of the survival game is a spoof off of the final gun scene in Equilibrium. Everything from the reloading clips in the sleeve to the hand to hand combat gun scene came from that movie.

Episode 22 begins with another Initial D parody. The first car to appears is a Porsche 911 Carrera (997), driven by someone resembling Tatsuya Shima (From Wangan Midnight), the second car to appear is a black Nissan Skyline GT-R (with a modified GTR emblem, which reads "GIR"), driven by a character who looks very similar to Takeshi Nakazato of Initial D. The difference between the GT-R in this episode and the one in Initial D is the one in School Rumble is an R-34 while Nakazato's GT-R is an R-32. The third car to appear is a left-hand drive Honda NSX (NA2), driven by Yoko with Itoko in the passenger seat. There is a scene during the race between the Nissan Skyline GT-R and the Honda NSX, where the spectators comment on the race. These spectators are not drawn in the same art style of School Rumble; instead, they're drawn similarly to the artstyle of Initial D: First Stage. Sadly for car enthusiasts, improper engine sounds are used for the cars (The sound for the GT-R's engine sounds more akin to a V8, such as Nissan's VK45DE, than a true RB26DETT).

In ep07 during the tasting in the cooking challenge the theme from the TV show Iron Chef can be heard in the background for each dishes tasting. The format for the overall cooking challenge and tasting procedure is a parody of Iron Chef.

In ep 1, the chief of the ''council'' wear the Papillon's mask and Nara wear the Dr Butterfly's mask from Busou Renkin.

Ep 15: Harima parody The Scream from Edwvard Munch.

Ep 20: arround the 19th minute, they parody a little bit Evangelion

In the last two Episodes there is another version of Yakumo who seems to express her true feelings and it manifests after reading a old story book. This could perhaps be a Reference to Chobits.

in episode 4 when eri-chan ask three questions to harima, he rips off his shirt, and he have the same marks in his chest just like kenshiro from hokuto no ken

In episode 4 where the class reps are reviewing the ideas for the play, the one with the ballet is a parody of Tsukikage Chigusa, the famed theater actress-turned-mentor in the anime Glass Mask. She is clearly depicted with long wavy hair that covers one side of her face.

The scene in episode 10 where Tenma is making clay pottery is a clear tribute/reference to the famous scene of the movie Ghost, where the ghost Patrick Swayze wraps his arms around Demi Moore as she makes clay pottery. The background music also sounds similar to Unchained Melody, the song used in the movie.

In Episode 11, during the part where Hanai is getting ran over. You see the Trueno as the last car to pass by.

In Episode 12 (~10:45) the song Osakabe Itoko is humming is "Onna no Ko♥Otoko no Ko (オンナのコ♥オトコのコ; Girls♥Boys)" by Yuko Ogura, one of the first season's ending themes (there were 4 different ones during the season).

In episode 13, there is a sequence of multiple parodies of popular manga/anime when Harima thinks of ideas to replace the story after spilling ink on the script. The baseball idea is a reference to Mitsuru Adachi's "Touch" baseball manga, as it is drawn in his style. The red "M" on the black cap is the symbol for Meisei High, where the characters of Touch go to. The next is a reference to Fist of the North Star. The 4th scene (where the male character falls on top of a girl after slipping) is from Love Hina - the character designs and outfits and setting are all there.

The scene when Harima remembers a previous manga in Episode 14 is clearly "borrowed" from Love Hina, even the clothes have the right color.

In Episode 14, you see the Trueno. Seems like the car is stuck in a traffic problem.

The third story in episode 20 appears to be a combination of various different anime. The cyborg theme sounds very much like Gunslinger Girl, with the memory loss present as well and that all the cyborgs are girls. When they were in the cyber world, the enemies and the way the girls disppear made it look like the newest megaman anime. Karusuma looking up at the massive robot looked like Full Metal Panic.

In Episode 22, the opening scene looks alot like a typical scene shown in Initial D, an already existing anime series.

During the flashback sequence in episode 26, the handheld game system that young Tsukamoto Tenma holds is the Nintendo DS Lite, which was released only months before the episode aired on TV, spoofing the time setting of the distant flashback.

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