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The brand name Pizza Hut appears a number of times in the series, first showing up in the opening episode.

"Geass"(or "Geas") is a term used in Irish mythology meaning "vow" or "contract."

Toward the end of the first season, Jeremiah is rebuilt into a cyborg. His cybernetic parts look remarkably similar to the Alter armor of Kazuma, the main character of the 2001 Sunrise anime Scryed. Both Scryed and Code Geass have the same director.

Winner of Best TV Animation at the 12th Animation Kobe (2007)

Some Events and Characters in the show share the same names of some of the japanese voice cast. Kento Sugiyama = Noriaki Sugiyama, Nagisa Chiba = Seako Chiba, Inoue = Kikuko Inoue, Battle of Narita = Ken Narita

Britannia, in fact, is the entire American continent, but not the British Isles, which are part of the EU. Despite this fact, in Ashford academy (a "Britannian" school) they teach English history, for instance about the Tudor dynasty.

There's a funny misspelling mistake during Clovis' funeral (Chapter 6): on the screen is written "Prince Clovis's State Funeral"

While known for having excellent English for an Anime, there is in-fact an instance of Engrish in episode 1, at 06:32. When Jeremiah Gottwald hops into his Knight Mare, the third line of the startup screen reads: "That we shall be the shields which defend our momeland".

In episode 2 at around 5:07 Karen's "Glasgow" is shown to have only one of its two arms at the moment (as karen sacrificed the Glasgow's left arm to make a quick scape in the previous episode), but at 6:46 the same "Glasgow" appears briefly with both its arms attached, then in the next scene the robot once again has only one arm.

In a newspaper article about the first appearance of Zero in episode 5, Suzaku's name is spelled "Suzaku Kululugi."

Near the end of Clovis' funeral in episode 6 the emperor of Britannia repeats "All hail Britannia" over and over again much like the funeral of Garma Zabi in which the emperor of Zeon ends his speech with "Hail Zeon" over and over again (zig Zeon in the original Japanese).

In episode 12 at around 20:58 a scene is shown inside the opera house. The song being sung is Mozart's Lacrimosa but more specifically the same one found in the Fate/Stay Night anime. In the official sound track of Fate/Stay Night it is named Eirei Chinkon.

In episode 17, around 7-8th minute, there's a conversation between Nunnaly and Suzaku Kururugi at Lelouch's house. During their conversation, Suzaku told Nunnaly about catching a frog. He told her how frogs croaking in Japanese, is 'kero! kero! kero! kero!'. In that case, that sound is Sergant Keroro's trademark in other Sunrise's anime, 'Sergant Keroro'!

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