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The kendo style Setsuna Sakurazaki uses (Shinmeiryuu) in the manga, is what Motoko Aoyama, from Love Hina, uses.

The settings in Negima are from actual places in the Japan, although some locations have been modified for the story. Some examples are: Mahora Junior High School - The school building is actually the JR Fukaya Station in Saitama Prefecture. Mahora Junior High School Dormitory - The school dormitory is actually the Tokyo Metropolitan University in Hachiouji-shi near the Keio-Sagamihara Line Minami-Oosawa Station. Mahora School City Starbooks Coffee Shop - The coffee shop is actually the Starbucks near the Keio Line Seisekisakuragaoka Station.

In the appendix of tankoubon vol. 5, Akamatsu explained that character Yue Ayase was designed by his former assistant Ran Ayanaga, who has worked independently as the artist of Read or Dream. The similarity between Yue Ayase and Hisami "Hisa-chan" Shiishi, a character in the R.O.D universe, is very evident.

In the official translations of volume 1, "english master" Negi mistakenly says its time to move onto "verb declensions." Verbs are conjugated, not declined.

In volume 11, look for a Yuffie and Tifa cosplay from FF7 during the cosplay contest segment of the festival.

In volume 5, the shirt that Asuna is wearing as they infiltrate the temple has the words "Run Lola Run." This is the title of a German film released in 1998.

In volume 8, as Chizuru is dragging Kotaru off to the bath, Natsumi can be seen putting her hands together and saying "Namu." This is the beginning of a Buddhist saying, "Namu Amida butsu," which is used to venerate a name that it precedes, presumably Natsumi is praying for Kotaru's safety.

In Volume 2 on the chisame part where you see her computer screen the html coding is actually the coding for Akamatsu's home page

Chachamaru saves her images as *.TIF. This is shown when hakase tries to find out who Chachamaru is in love with

add on to the volume 11 trivia: if you look closely you can also see a cosplay of plenair, the mascot for nippon ichi software and a character in the disgaea series. she kinda jumps out at you, but its not too hard to miss and it is not stated in the back of the book

On page 101 of volume 2, the metatag "Love Hina," is displayed in the html coding, a reference to one of Ken Akamatsu's older works.

In volume 9, chapter 76 Izumi Ako appears with a shirt that has imprinted the words "the place promised in our early days" the same as one of the title translations for Makoto Shinkai's 2004 movie Beyond the Clouds.

Neither Negi nor any of his students appear on the cover illustration of volume 26; instead the illustration is of Ostia princess Arika and Nagi's group Ala Rubra.

In volume 9, chapter 75, while Chachamaru is visiting Hakase for a maintainence check, either Konaka or Asuna yell out the line "No disassemble!" This is most likely a reference to the motion picture "Short Circuit", which centers on a self-aware robot.

In Vol 33 chapter 303 the sword that Naru used from the 25th episode of Love Hina is seen again and the person holding sword in palace is Tsuruko Aoyama

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