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The actor Seiji idolizes in vol.3-Sho Aikawa- is best known in the West for starring in Takashi Miike's Dead or Alive trilogy. The co-star in the franchise, Riki Takeuchi, is also referenced.

The teacher in vol. 3 is a parody of the one from Onegai Teacher.

Lucy Winladd is slightly confused about Japanese culture. Jackie Chan is not Japanese.

The boxer in back of Seiji in volume 4 is a reference to the role Sylvester Stallone played-and apparently continues to play-in "Rocky".

The scene where Seiji's sis draws a "big dipper" on a biker's chest is a pun on Fist of the North Star, since the lead had seven scars on his chest in the shape of the North Star.

The panel of adventures the treasure hunter has encountered aren't just a reference to Indiana Jones, but the character he's based on, Allan Quartermain, recently played by Sean Connery in LXG.

The dress Sakurai wears in the beginning of "Catering Catastrophe" in Vol. 4 is from Anna Miller's, a Japanese restaurant chain.

Ayase's schoolgirl outfit in vol. 4 appears to be a spoof of the one featured in Crossroad.

The comic God is a thinly veiled allusion to the "God of Manga" Osamu Tezuka.

The book the girl is reading in vol. 5 is A Clockwork Orange.

The movie "Emmannuelle" mentioned in vol. 5 is a series of French softcore movies from the 70's featuring a starlet who travels to exotic locations for intimate encounters. It was also spoofed in an episode of the second Lupin series.

The arcade punching game Midori and Seiji play in vol. 5 is a real one based on Fist of the North Star.

Rin's boyfriend might be a spoof of one of the treasure hunters in Wild Arms named Jack, since they both wear long hair and leather jackets and have pet rodents. (Although Jack has a mouse instead of a weasel...)

The outfit Seiji cross-dresses in for mud-wrestling in vol. 6 is from Ayane's High Kick. The girl in the judo outfit whom Nao confronts is likely to be a spoof of Yawara.

In the page of the chapter "Beautiful Doll"(vol.6) where Seiji and the otaku pose for a photo, the toy for the person directly behind Seiji is Kamen Rider, while the toy for the person behind Takamizawa is for Cutey Honey.

The Nao robot in vol. 6 spoofs the one in The Big O.

The first name of the adult star Moriyama featured in vol.6 might actually be a pun on "Milk". ("Miruku")

The "Hello Production" mentioned in volume 7 is most likely a reference to Hello Project, the organization which founded Morning Musume.

the father and son running the dojo in ch. 70 are from the artist other series, aoi destruction

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