Release List Switches

There are a lot of sorting and filtering options available for the release list, the most important of which are available via links at the top of the release list.

However here are a few that aren't linked to, as well as some tricks with the ones that are linked to.

Recently Added Titles
To view releases added in the last x days, add the switch new=x, ie:

Filtered by Company
To view titles from a particular distributor add the switch distro=x, ie: Use the company's short name (BEI not Bandai).

Filtered by Date
The options to filter releases by year, month, upcoming and all dates (past & future) are available by links, but you can also filter to a specific day. ie:
By year:
By month:
By Day:

By default the release list is filtered to only show future releases, if you want to see all releases you can add ?yearmonth=all. It is strongly recommended to use this filter in conjuction with other filters (ie: in order to see all releases from Del Rey. Without the second filter, the ?yearmonth=all will result is a display of over 5000 releases.

Filtered by Name
The option to see releases starting with a particular letter is available by links, but you can can also be more specific with your filter, limiting it to the first couple letters, ie:

Putting several filters together
The first filter must be preceded by a ? ie:

Subsequent filters must be preceded by a & ie:

The filters can be in any order.

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