Joe vs. Joe - Round #1, 2, 3 (DVD 1)

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Title: Joe vs. Joe - Round #1, 2, 3
Volume: DVD 1
Running time: 90
Distributor: Animewho

Release date: 2008-05-20
Suggested retail price: $24.99
Age rating: 13+

UPC: 844629000856 844629000856

Joe Yuki, one of the coolest DJs in Shibuya, has a secret identity as the leader of gangs. Because of his traumatic childhood, he fiercely hates "weaklings" and sees winning as his only option in life. One night, an old man is being taunted by the kid known as "the human punching bag." The old man reminds Joe of his parents and childhood, and he uncontrollably challenges the kid to a fight. A fight in which he's defeated, and his pride is utterly shattered into pieces.

Contains episodes 1-3:
Fateful Encounter
Seal the Nightmare
The Snowy Illusion

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English subtitles.

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