xxxHOLiC - AnotherHOLiC [Hardcover] (Novel)

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Title: xxxHOLiC - AnotherHOLiC [Hardcover]
Volume: Novel
Pages: 208
Distributor: Del Rey

Release date: 2008-10-28
Suggested retail price: $17.95
Age rating: 13+

SKU: DR05187
ISBN-10: 0345505182 0345505182
ISBN-13: 9780345505187 9780345505187

Nothing could have thrilled Kimihiro more than stumbling upon the bizarre wish-granting shop of the beautiful but unnerving Yuko Ichihara,​ who solemnly promises to make the spirits plaguing Kimihiro go away just as soon as her fee - rendered in daily afternoon chores at her shop - is paid in full.​

Of course,​ the thrill wears off as soon as Kimihiro realizes that his payment plan bears a disturbing resemblance to indentured servitude.​.. eternal indentured servitude.​ Still he soldiers on,​ ready for whatever number of adventures lie ahead.​ But in Kimihiro's case,​ three may not be the charm!

His first assignment - to procure a pair of fake eyeglasses - is exceptionally pointless,​ even by Yuko's standards.​ Or at least it seems that way,​ until Kimihiro watches a woman throw herself into traffic.​ He soon discovers that the doors of bespectacled perception can swing both ways.​

Next,​ when a classmate seeks help solving a mystery involving text messages from the dead,​ Kimihiro is glad to play Sherlock.​ But he must turn to Yuko to determine whether the root of the riddle is otherworldly shenanigans,​ deceit,​ or murder.​

Finally,​ however ready,​ willing,​ and able Kimihiro thinks he is to face the most unusual of circumstances,​ he still finds himself completely bewildered by the stranger who chases away his darkest spirits,​ condemns Yuko as a craven charlatan,​ and offers Kimihiro a way out of his preternatural predicament - and a fortune besides.​

Written by NISIOISIN and Illustrated by Clamp.​

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