Hyper Police (DVD 4)

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Title: Hyper Police
Volume: DVD 4
Running time: 96
Distributor: Image Entertainment

Release date: 2003-02-25
Suggested retail price: $19.99
Age rating: NR

UPC: 014381159424 014381159424

Blast into the future with four more exciting adventures from anime's most dynamic crime-fighting team! In "Cat's Bell," Natsuki, Sakura and the President make it safely to shore after their ship is bombed. No matter where they go, an enemy tracks them until they discover that Natsuki's bell charm necklace is really a transmitter, forcing them to pose as decoys. In "Samurai Japan," Sakura is injured during a fight against Yoroi and disappears. A worried Natsuki and others look for her, while Sakura is treated by Shononoshin Senkura, who has time traveled from the Warring States Period and mistaken Sakura for his lover. In "Cherry (Sakura) Blossoms, or Does It?" Natsuki finds out that Sakura has placed a bet involving Shonoshin and tries desperately to stop it, while Sakura finds herself becoming attracted to the handsome time traveler. In "Everybody, Strange?" the national holiday and mating season time of cherry blossom has arrived. Lovestruck Sakura chases Shonoshin while Tommy pursues Po, while Shonoshin thinks the town's mad atmosphere is a sign of impending war.

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