Hell Girl - Two Mirrors DVD Collection 2 (Sub.DVD 2 of 2)

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Title: Hell Girl - Two Mirrors DVD Collection 2
Volume: Sub.DVD 2 / 2
Running time: 325
Distributor: Sentai Filmworks

Release date: 2010-07-27
Suggested retail price: $49.98
Age rating: 14+

UPC: 814131017406 814131017406
ISBN-10: 1616150874 1616150874
ISBN-13: 9781616150877 9781616150877

Whenever there has been Hell to pay, Ai Enma has been the collector. Now, however, the volatile emotions she has kept entombed are slowly beginning to exhume themselves, and as a monstrous cycle of reprisal and retribution wields its deadly scythe across the people of Lovely Hills, the Hell girl and her companions suddenly find themselves confronted with visions of their own mortality.

Who were they, before becoming Hell's Collectors? And what will be their ultimate fate? As she seeks to cope with the ceaseless inhumanity of mortals consumed with vengeance, Ai Enma must take a journey she never expected, and answer the question she never dared to ask: when you're already in Hell, are you allowed to die?

Contains episodes 14-26.

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