Tekken: Blood Vengeance (DVD/R2)

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Title: Tekken: Blood Vengeance
Volume: DVD/R2
Running time: 92
Distributor: Manga Entertainment

Release date: 2012-02-06
Suggested retail price: $15.99
Age rating: 12

EAN: 5022366908542 5022366908542

Following hot on the heels of TEKKEN, the live-action movie and TEKKEN TAG for Playstation3 comes TEKKEN: Blood Vengeance, the hugely anticipated CG animated feature film. Produced by the studio behind Resident Evil: Degeneration and based on an original story by the creators of Ghost In The Shell. Set in the TEKKEN universe with its rich characters and history, the story focuses on the hunt for the missing student, Shin Kamiya, the sole survivor of a twisted experiment to unlock the secrets of eternal youth. Join Ling Xiaoyu and her friends as they race to find Shin before anyone else from the Iron Fist Tournament.

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